Jeffrey Lee DuPree: You Are No Better Yourself


The guy who really hates me the most—his name is Jeffrey Lee DuPree. He is very obsessed about me just like a movie, Fatal Attraction—and could not let it go. He is a classic harasser. I had enough of him until now. Deaf community is very small. I was informed by friends that Jeffrey used personal attack again, again, again (most recently today) and done major damage control against me. Deaf vs Deaf. Good job by re-framing into a dangerous and lethal approach. Sick move.

So, I feel that I need to make this clear and yes, I am a returned citizen—I’ve served my time—that was 21 years ago. Jeffrey does not know the whole story. He only look at “black and white” paper. The paper can destroy your life into pieces just like that. BAM! Look, it took me guts to let the public know that I am a returned citizen. It tells you a lot about my character and my growing pains.

In 2013, before I get to meet him for the first time in Washington, D.C.; at a restaurant in Chinatown and found that he was very angry person—and Robert L. Mason “RLM” told Jeffrey that night (RLM was sitting behind the table eating a chunk of huge food where we were sitting) I was Carl Schroeder’s mentor then later Jeffrey became very angry just because Carl Schroeder killed his uncle, Carl DuPree—which was not true. STOP TWISTING! His evil eye stares do not fear me at all. I am not even afraid of him.

I also realized that my encounter with Jeffrey via RLM—which RLM contributed and escalated hate crimes. He knows that Jeffrey hated Carl and RLM wanted to promote it by spouting at me. It is best to distance myself from RLM is all I can advise.

Through the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA], Jeffrey can investigate and find that Carl Schroeder had absolutely nothing to do with his uncle’s murder. Jeffrey need to educated that as a fully educated citizen he can take advantage of Freedom of Information Act to be sure. Gallaudet University knows that it was not Carl Schroeder. He became the scapegoat. Period. It was really sad to see like this.


The ironic thing is that Jeffrey was jailed, too—for a serious crime what he has attempted to do this to his ex-wife in PA. He is no better than himself. He was an ADULT (he was 30 years old) when he committed crime. As for me, I was a JUNVEILLE when I was 12 years old that was in 1986—I was jailed in 1996 meaning when I was 21 years old and that was when the mug shot was taken. It does not mean I committed a crime when I was 21 years old. That is a big difference. Tsk tsk. Again, I will explain more about that soon.

Few days later after meeting Jeffrey for the first time, one night when we got together again for drinks and food with two other Deaf people at a local restaurant on H Street also in Washington, D.C., he bragged that when he was seven years old, he licked 13 years old girl’s clit on the school bus. He was very proud more than anything. Yes, he ACTUALLY said that. That makes him…what? Think about it. Two other Deaf people looked at each other wondering that it was not even funny at all. They would be happy to vouch for it.

Four years later, Jeffrey is still obsessed. I mean, really bad. Wait for the video when you will see the truth what he had done to me. I need to protect my reputation and I’m tired of personal attacks and character assassination anymore. Jeffrey THINKS he knows everything, the laws, and all. He’s wrong. I understand the system more than he knows. I am tired of his personal attacks and I am entitled to have my pursuit of happiness again.

What Jeffrey did not realize that he used this information to harass me is a character violence and….a felony, too. It is against the law. Unlawful use of this information to threaten, intimidate, harass, or injure […..] is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In other words, anyone who uses this information to commit a crime or to harass an offender or his or her family is subject to criminal prosecution and civil liability.

I am not kidding. Thanks, friends for sending me the picture. Remember, harassing me is against the law. 



Copyright © 2017 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.

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