Without Libraries, We Would be Illiterate


Picture from my iPhone. Actual book tower–books about Lincoln in Washington, D.C; The most popular president in history.

Could we live without libraries? I was notified that Trump administration might possibly cut off the federal funding library funding. I value books and libraries that illuminate my past and present experiences, the images I seen all in the books marvel captured in Deaf community, the libraries also value Deaf community, (Deaf authors, Deaf professors, Deaf people from all walks of life.)

There is a reason why President Lincoln became the first patron of National Deaf Mute College because he believed in higher education that includes books and libraries, too. Imagine if all the books in that tower would write about Deaf issues, that would be even cool!

The libraries each time I step into the building, you feel the moment: It gives you wide-ranging knowledge of any subjects you can imagine; it has all the hidden codes. If it was not for libraries, I would not able to receive scholarship in graduate school. Ben Franklin, the visionary leader of America’s first public library, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority

That is where it has helped me become a better researcher, and better person in any circle of known and unknown areas of scholarship. Without libraries, less contribution to knowledge, In early 1980s, my late grandmother would take me to a book mobile funded by library association in our small town in Washington State, I would become excited and grab a book to read. My grandmother encouraged me to read more books, and then I became self-taught reader.

That leads me to be part of March of Dimes Reading Champions, I never forget the encouragement by my old librarian, Dick who taught me to join the reading program and learned how to use bibliographic records, and been appreciative of it ever since. Remember, Boolean searching? Microfilm? My favorite part? Newspapers.

Those books before my eyes gives all my tribute that captures the memories of my love for books, times and events in my life would not be possible without libraries.


If federal library funding had been erased from the face of higher learning, written by Jonathan Kozol, Illiterate America, printed in 1985, one of my books I would read once in a while, he also wrote an essay, “The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society”, Kozol quoted,

Sixty million illiterate or marginally literate adults are substantially excluded from the democratic process and the economic commerce of a print society.”

To make it more worse, America is one of the worst developed countries in literacy. Think about Deaf community! We need help!

The federal library funding might affect Gallaudet University library, further betrayal affected by the funding, would students become inept in the language and culture of the Deaf and in facilitating between ASL and written English. The library serves Deaf students that should not be betrayed by a society that continues to demonize literacy and disempowered by Trump’s refusing access to higher education and language credit for our thought and ideas.

Library of Congress, mother of all libraries, is the pinnacle of life. No one can take that away. It is a place to feed your mind. Yet, the disastrous cuts by Trump Administration that has given them a harsh light on the moral failure of literacy. It is a human right violation. Yes, it is also why the human cost of an illiterate society is seriously examined!

At this crucial hour in history, libraries are the voice of your life, your heart, and your mind.



Copyright @ 2017 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.








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