How Do You Define Hypocrite?



A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with screenshot to let me know about Kat Brockway where she posted a comment yesterday:

“To make it clear: I do not talk to third party. I talk directly to whoever wants to clear information up. If you have an issue, call or contact me directly directed of the third party. Third party is HEARSAY. Thank you! 🙂 ”

It is funny how she said that because she did use third party by telling other people about my past. How can it be not a third party if she did not attempt to clear information up by not getting in touch with me directly? Is that also HEARSAY? For good example, she harshly bullied Tamera Gaudet-Doody about me—telling her that I was from Utah. What the fuck? I was born in Washington State and moved to DC from Oregon. She did not get the WHOLE INFORMATION CORRECTLY. That is also HEARSAY. Correct? 🙂

Kat Brockway is out there getting in touch with other people, for example, Mike Yared and told him about me as the author of my blog and told him nasty stuff about me. Is that also THIRD PARTY? Both of them DO NOT KNOW THE WHOLE INFORMATION.

Wait, it is not the first time. Kat got in touch with an event organizer in California and found out that I was planning to give a lecture there and told her nasty stuff about me by encouraging her to cancel my lecture. Guess what? It did not work that way. Is that also THIRD PARTY or HEARSAY? What about BOTH?

It means Kat have a lot of issues—she needs to be honest about herself. By the way, people who clicked “LIKE” on her comment needs to see her dark side. Why attempt to destroy someone else’s success by turning life around?

If she was given a polygraph test at this hour, she would fail in a heartbeat. Mark my words. ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’



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