Another RID Member Makes a Racist Comment


A friend of mine sent me a screenshot about this freelance interpreter and is currently on Registry of Interpreters for Deaf (RID) member list makes a RACIST comment towards former President Barack Obama. Do you agree that it is racist or not? Racism is a learned behavior, as we need to be aware of this. We also have a responsibility to stop Racism. We need to speak up and speak out against Racism.

Today we are not content to simply sit back and watch as the world passes us by. We have awareness and ideas, and increasingly, the outlets to express them. Again, we need to speak up and speak out with any subject that practices Racism as long as we have to stop it.

Would RID allow Racism? I do not tolerate Racism, hate speech, hate literature, and hate theme, anti-Semitic, Audism, or any kind form of hatred. The picture below–WARNING: It is very sensitive and offensive. Again, Deaf community do not need to deal with a RID member who practices Racism and represents Deaf community at the same time. By the way, I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. He was a true scholar compared to Trump.



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