Tackling Islamophobia at Home



Earlier this evening, I attended an event called Tackling Islamophobia at Home sponsored by District of Columbia Public Library. There were about 10 Deaf people who attended tonight. The ASL interpreters did a great job! From the website, what the event would be about:

Incidents of discrimination and violence against Muslims are on the rise across the United States. What is driving the rise in Islamophobia, and how can we all play a role in making our community safer? Join us for a panel discussion with local Muslim leaders on Islamophobia in the District and the nation, the response from the American Muslim community, and how American Muslims and others can work together to build a more understanding and integrated future.

The panelists had shared their stories and experiences which I learned a great deal of awareness tonight. One of the panelists said that tonight that 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has declined to reinstate Donald Trump’s ban on travels from seven predominantly Muslims nations were joyful to know that! I cheered, smiled, and happy that the judges know the Constitution. Trump does not run the Constitution. Trump’s attempt to hide the truth behind the cover-ups and hatred is to question his presidency. We will not be in silence. We will not allow hate in America.


With Trump thinking he is in control of government, he is bidding for an open war on the Muslims. We all must resist his hatred. There were questions handed to the panelists with the index card where they write down questions, I wrote a question hoping they would pick the question since there were LOTS of questions–very interesting questions. Unfortunately, it was too late to ask that question. My question was, “Since Trump has encouraged hate crime, could Trump be charged with hate crime? Has it ever happened to an American president before?”

What do you think?


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References: http://www.dclibrary.org/node/55799



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