The Last U.S. President to Visit Gallaudet University


Who wrote that? It was taken during Audism Free America (AFA) rally in 2013–the information needs to be corrected: President Bill Clinton was part of Gallaudet University’s Commencement in 1990’s. He was the last U.S. President to visit Gallaudet. The total U.S. Presidents to visit the campus was ten. Too bad Obama did not have chance to visit there.


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15 thoughts on “The Last U.S. President to Visit Gallaudet University

      1. No, no. Kennedy did not visit Gallaudet. He planned to give the commencement speech in 1864, but he was assassinated. So there have only been *nine* presidents who visited the Gallaudet campus (listed above). Those nine presidents made a total of 15 visits.

      2. You mean, 1964? Too bad that Kennedy was assassinated. Thanks for letting me know. I got a chance to visit his grave at the Arlington Cemetery was breathtaking view on 50th anniversary.

        Right up there–Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial. You cannot miss it.

      3. Right, yeah, I was there (at Arlington). By the way, we don’t know why Lincoln didn’t accept EMG’s invitation to visit. He was probably too busy due to the Civil War being in progress.

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