Pearl Pearson: A Hate Crime Survivor

Now the good news is that all the CHARGES are dropped against Pearl Pearson. Keep up the good work!

...And the Truth Shall Set You Free.

ImagePearl Pearson

The beating of a Deaf fellow, Pearl Pearson in January 2014 by officers: Patrol Trooper Eric Foster, Trooper Kelton Hayes and Trooper Jason Owens had committed a civil and criminal act. David W. Prater who is employed by the state of Oklahoma as a district attorney wrote a letter (February 26, 2014) please see the letter attached below stating, “Trooper Foster and Trooper Hayes demonstrated commendable restraint and judgment throughout the incident. Only minimal necessary force was employed by the Troopers to defend themselves and civilians at the arrest scene from physical harm and to affect the arrest of Pearson. I have determined that the level of force employed in this incident was lawful and justified….”

The level of force employed by the very same police department that needs to be requested to be federally investigated for police brutality against Pearl Pearson and stop the fall…

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