Cochlear Implants Are Never a Medical Miracle


After reading the article, Why Some People Turned Down a ‘Medical Miracle’ and Decided to Stay Deaf published on Jan 4, 2017 written by Caroline Praderio has caught my attention.

It is romantic nonsense to ignore the fact competition for places in cochlear implant industries. As Yudhijit Bhattacharjee wrote, “Why Bilinguals Are Smarter”, published in the March 17, 2012 issue of New York Times Sunday Review:

“Reseachers were not wrong about the interference: there is ample evidence that in a bilingual’s brain both language systems are active even when he is using only one language, thus creating situations in which one system obstructs the other. But this interference, researchers are finding out, isn’t so much a handicap as a blessing in disguise. It forces the brain to resolve internal conflict, giving the mind a workout that strengthens its cognitive muscles”

Bilingualism in ASL and written English makes the best out of it. Cochlear implant is not even language, it is a tool also it happens to be failure.

In a modern world like ours, it has become commonplace for people to know more than one language. It isn’t uncommon to come across bilinguals who, not only have a command over their first or native language but are also fluent in a second, vernacular or foreign language as well.

According to common underlying proficiency (CUP) model of language processing, even though the database of different languages is interconnected in our minds, it is stored in separate compartments and thus does not interfere or encroach upon the other.

Thereby, making it possible for bilinguals to switch between two languages with equal ease and fluency. Research has revealed that the practice of bilingualism is beneficial in the following ways.

*A bilingual individual’s brain has two active language systems which work simultaneously without hindering the performance of other. Thus, ensuring that the brain is always exercising both its linguistically oriented cognitive functions.

*Bilinguals are also able to understand and appreciate the literature and discourses of their second language. (

While there are “plenty” of cochlear implant survivors, they would accede to the inactivation of mental process caused by false hope in the brain that is affected by shock. This mental inactivation attributes to deficit thinking, and the doctors or audiologists come up with strange ideas and priorities upon Deaf people and told them lies about the miracle what cochlear implants can offer. I had talked with plenty of cochlear implant survivors. Powerful stories.

We need to be aware that cochlear implants and some neurochemical reactions that seem to suggest as nonsense or nonexistent. Those survivors shed light on it and gave us some lead to various other scientific articles that refute hearing implants.

In other words, Praderio wrote, “………..For others, however, cochlear implants are more nuisance than medical miracle.”

Cochlear implants will be always human fraud. It has been never a medical miracle.


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