The Failure to Prevent Bullying from AGBell: The Role of Bystanders


This has been one rough year, 2016 where we saw Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing use their hate tactics and countless insults as they continue to belittle American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf people. The world watched the brave souls in Deaf community suffering the worst language bigotry, and fighting back for their constitutional rights last April 2016, sending hundreds of letters, blog articles, newspapers, and video messages rebuking Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Yet, the perilous times tested our intelligence and strength to make sense of it all. They pushed us to make a difference, and until better days, they demand we bow our heads to them above water and make a deal. Never! There was a message for all of us, we agreed that we would continue to challenge Alexander Graham Bell and its ideology until we demand them to bow their heads to us above water and respect ASL.

Why did we choose to be silence again? Are we giving up challenging Alexander Graham Bell? Do you notice something like that? What’s up with that? The very same Deaf people who did challenge and… wanted to continue by challenging AGBell, were supposed to give “voice” to the growing democracy of preserving ASL, were asked to sit down and say nothing during Fall time. All of sudden, the silence came back again……

Are we bystanders? We have been helpless, rejected and quite frankly, being taken advantage of by AGBell. No more! We are where we are means we are the center of our world and also we are the center of the world. Never, never, never abandon ourselves and become bystanders. No!

That is exactly why I choose to continue and challenge AGBell because I refuse to be a bystander. I strongly believe that we all were supposed to set a vital role in American democracy and believe in ASL. For 94 years since AGBell’s death, we continue to shone a bright light on the political and cultural landscape. We should not give up and become like bystanders. We continue to challenge AGBell! We need to set good example! It pains me the most to see that the very same people who challenged AGBell last April, is living in the silence and allowing AGBell to win.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Remember the video incident on 21 December, 2016 where a white Kentucky racist woman harassing a Latina shopper, “GO BACK TO WHEREVER THE FUCK YOU COME FROM, LADY!” while the bystanders did not do nothing. It sets the same example. AGBell probably would tell Deaf people, “WHY THE FUCK YOU ARE ON EARTH FOR? YOU’RE DEAF!” We need to come back. We need to stand strong and tested even with every bad situation, the invention of the light to create opportunity…for growth.



Copyright @ 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.

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