Why Did LEAD-K Bring Into Confusion?

2 thoughts on “Why Did LEAD-K Bring Into Confusion?

  1. They were talking about modalities, to accomodate children’s needs based on parent’s choice.
    I personally believe that if parents truly have the choice then do it in their own time not during school hours. School must provide ASL only, no other option for Deaf children so they can have aquisition in visual barrier free environment to full access learning education. The system failed many Deaf children because, of cued speech, auitorial training class are medical interfering education.
    Let the parents take them outside during their own time, let them struggle themselves to see it. The problem is parents are working and never get see what struggles their child go through with medical interfering their education learning process.
    Trust me I know I’ve been through this, I have 3 Deaf sons and we all can speak so well because, we depend on ASL as a primary language before anything.

    I lost my education due to cued speech, no access to ASL at school. My parents were told that I had ability to speak, so now here I am with a beautiful speech and can’t even get into university because, of my reading and writing and math need to be upgrade. What does that tell me or anybody? EDUCATION IS MORE PRIORITY NOT MEDICAL.


    Barbara Dodd

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