In Memory of Carl Schroeder (1952-2013)

...And the Truth Shall Set You Free.

ImageMe, Carl Schroeder and Harlan Lane (2010)

Carl Schroeder has passed away early this morning (1:44 AM PDT)–I was informed by this message when I woke up first thing. I talked with his family all day yesterday. His birthday was in eight days. He would have been 61. We talked everyday while he was in hospital since last week of November. The last time we talked the day before he fell into unexpected coma. He was doing so well until his transfer to a treatment center and that is where things changed. I was the last friend to see him “awake” before his departure.

I can remember when I was in my living room looking for something to change my life until I turned my computer on in 2008, I decided to look for Deaf videos to inspire myself then all of sudden, Carl’s videos were there explaining about Deaf…

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