Cochlear Implants: Another Day Facing Death in America


Oppressors are forcing Deaf children to get cochlear implants (CI)–That is illegal and inhumane condition—a big international human rights violation. Let me summarize why ignorance is still existing in America why people choose to waste their time. American Sign Language (ASL) costs a lot cheaper than getting CI—mapping, emotional counseling, shock culture, time management. Being Deaf is a healthy human! But….it is also one of the top misgivings in human life, and is second only to ASL. That is where the ignorance comes in.

Deaf people are considered as “foreigners”—in this blog, people who are forcing Deaf children to get cochlear implants are deficit thinkers, they are all about listening and speaking enthusiasts because of poor flexibility, excessive laxity within Deaf Education. Today, there had been lack of proficient ASL interpreters, educators, even administrators. We all know that, right? Why are they doing this for?

I am going to bring it up again, after reading book, Made to Hear: Cochlear Implants and Raising Deaf Children by Laura Mauldin, by means of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandatory, ASL is being minimally used for the maintenance of the intellectual development. Although using ASL for higher education would result in better communication, the lone attempt is listening and speaking would have limited impact. I do not understand why there are many educational opportunities are awaiting Deaf children with CI. They could be taught to continue to dismiss both ASL and Deaf people by bullying them.

In CI, there is frequently a connection between the signal and the noise, be it the message or the sound of people screaming, and the system is mainly battery-operated and is not natural. It is all about lack of displacement and cultural transmission. Is CI more dangerous than ASL? Yes, Deaf children with CIs are not even equipped to talk with sounds; look at this way, no human babies are born speaking. We all need to be aware of this. Enough of bullying and ignorance. They want to see Deaf people and ASL as in death–every day, it is about facing death.



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