HEAR INDIANA: The Recruitment Tactics of Cochlear Implants


“Fear is, I believe, a most effective tool in destroying the soul of an individual-and the soul of a people.”–Anwar Sadat

After reading an article called As More Deaf Students Use Cochlear Implants, Indiana Schools Work to Adapt the other day, [I will copy and paste the link below]–“Public schools in Indiana serve about 2,400 students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Of those students a growing number now use cochlear implants” is an act of bullying  them into getting cochlear implant or else. There is a person by the name of Ellyn McCall, family liaison at hearing loss advocacy group Hear Indiana said, ““I like to think that it’s not malicious, it’s just that most of these smaller districts don’t have the training and the knowledge to really be able to understand what these kids need”

Ouch! Ouch! Ellyn McCall is forging American Sign Language (ASL) and have them act like HEARING and that is a malicious act. The quality and quantity of cochlear implants in Indiana is a changing world: Hate Crime. Hear Indiana serves under Alexander Graham Bell  (AGBell) Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

They are attempting to do social changes as we enter the age of international terrorism, striving to destroy the beautiful meaning of DEAF and effect many generations to come on a global level. There are and will be environmental concerns as we run out of non-renewable resources such as ASL for our innumerable, and often encourage hate crime.

Deaf community are at an economic turning point where ASL is difficult to stabilize, due in part to Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s lies, outsourcing of labor and volatile stock market prices. Changes in this new century will also bring huge breakthroughs in scientific frauds, complete with its own deficit thinking and moral quandaries over Deaf identification and cure them for “tragic diseases” such as the state of being Deaf.

Another problem that is already apparent and will become more so in the near future is the growing population of cochlear implants in the United States and the world, with attempt to destroy Deaf community with sharing of hate crimes, are bound to reach scarcity as we enter this new era, unless we discard our ASL, and adopt a more effectual way of living by replenishing, reducing, and recycling what we use.

Deaf community are as a powerful and educated community need to conjure more ways to defeat hate crime by those Audists today and tomorrow. For the near future in Deaf community, we need to build an optimistic and innovative attitude of preserving ASL and Deaf culture, with reforms regarding the way we deal with those Audists, and the resources we insist on using ASL in abundance and love, when in fact, the democracy is ideally a good and fair system of representation based on facts, it is likely that ASL will always prevail.

That way ASL and Deaf culture will spend and live in harmony with a populous Earth, and it all other inhabitants. The idea is to wide representation of the demographic of ASL that would be required to include all of them and abilities in the interest of fair representation at every social level. A panel of elected Deaf citizens who use ASL for communication, information, and knowledge from all walks of life that were educated enough to understand that cochlear implant is a fraud that would be called upon to make positive statements that ASL would overcome the lies by cochlear implant industries.

It would also unify many of us who feel betrayed, excluded, confused by the current lies “democratic” system in AGBell, in which often they are often completely unsatisfactory to the fact that they will not accept that ASL is a successful language. While I personally have concerns about AGBell funding for cochlear implants, they are responsible for encouraging hate crime against ASL. Despite the article I read above, the threat of Deaf culture is an act of terrorism that would require moral treatment, and human race is truly one constructed of innovation.

Finally, we must look past our fears and realize that we are entering the age of an oppressive community, where we must all do our part in assuring there will be resources left for our future Deaf children, our children’s children and so forth. We must look to ASL and be willing to make the first brave step into uncharted territory, and be willing to pioneer it responsibly, learning from the way we have transformed our Mother Earth, in order to maintain a healthy environment. It is only when we make these realizations that we have a true chance of surviving and overcome hate, and making the most of what the miracles of earth and life-have to offer the beautiful meaning of Deaf culture and…..ASL.

Cochlear implant is the biggest fraud ever. If not, the most malicious ever.

Link: http://wbaa.org/post/more-deaf-students-use-cochlear-implants-indiana-schools-work-adapt

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4 thoughts on “HEAR INDIANA: The Recruitment Tactics of Cochlear Implants

  1. Congrats! Good article! I also think that your readers will want to know if the deaf has already come up with a suggested solution for Indiana goverment to do something. So please mention Deaf Culture Digital Library (DCLC) as the possible one in your future article.

    As you know, we do not want to continue hearing same communication problems or misinformation for another century as we already know that the library can save not just deaf lives but all citizens if there is a future state service like the Deaf Culture Digital Library. Thank you

    Best, Alice I

    On Sep 20, 2016 12:57 AM, “I Think I Am a Better Ghost Than I Am a Human Being” wrote:

    > The Last Hiccup posted: ” “Fear is, I believe, a most effective tool in > destroying the soul of an individual-and the soul of a people.”–Anwar > Sadat After reading an article called As More Deaf Students Use Cochlear > Implants, Indiana Schools Work to Adapt the other day, [I will c” >

  2. Keep up TJ just be yourself with your truth. We must keep fighting for our Deaf and Sign Language as human and education rights by our eyes and hands are communication not by ears. Biggest problem that hearing world won’t accept Deaf as human beings and they just want you to be hear and use your voice to make them happy that all. Deaf babies are abusive every second around the world without sign language. Deaf impaired (hearing) parents must and require to learn sign language if not that is mental abuse. You already destroying Deaf culture, a Deaf schools, Sign Language, a Deaf Life, Communication, and Human Rights. Our eyes are listening and our hands are voice not by ears. #SAVEDEAFANDSIGNLANGUAGERIGHTSNOW

    1. Thanks, Sam! It’s JT. Not TJ. Haha. I know..typo! You said, “You already destroying Deaf culture, a Deaf schools…” You mean, THEY–not YOU. I am supporting Deaf culture, all of it..not destroying. 🙂 It is a huge human rights issue and you are right!

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