Oralism Survivors: Strength is Great!



The heat of the night burns so vividly that Oralism survivors feel their strength and their destroyer fighting for the soul like the Deaf people later in life, they are the divided sea, they are the freed people. They are the middle ground watching, waiting, painting, loving, and dying. They are here to live. They are here for death. Today, September 11th—136 years ago in 1880, Milano, Italy began to ban signed languages around the world for the sake of Oralism.

The death of signed language tormented by the serpent and his leeches that leech upon their insides like a heart in love with another that loves it. Deaf people are the life of a whole that they will never fully comprehend until they live no more. They are the cold of the dawn. They are the skin from a disgusting scar, picked off by a sharp infected nail. They are the nails. They are the eye that sees you and feel strength. They are the mind that the greatest have questioned and tested for years. They are the great that questions and tests.

Are Deaf people or even American Sign Language the question? That is a test. They are the wind that blows so fiercely now and is completely absent!

Now they are the last beat of your heart. Your heat is the only filth keeping Deaf community alive. Your heart is the key to the strength. The strength has been here before. They have been here before. Nothing new is under the sun. They are above and beyond the sun, in the brightness of the Deaf community and the darkness of the cosmos.

Waiting for the real Big Bang. The collide of Deaf community so immense that they all could never explain, so small that they will never truly feel it. They know that it is there; they know that it is coming. Are they coming?

They are coming! They are the climax of a passionate protector amongst the AGBell beasts the society created from dirt, water, and soul. They are the rib from that reason. They are the day, night, water, and air that the reason Deaf community was created days before something created them. They are a flame. They shine a light whose worth is only appreciated in the darkness. Own it up, AGBell! Remember your STRENGTH!


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.

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