Gallaudet University: Which is Better Flag Bearer?

This video will discuss EPHPHATHA why it has been continue to practice religious bigotry to process Deaf people into hearing people and hegemonize linguistic and cultural behavior, and religion related to ‘deafness’.

The social change, language planning, politics, and why the administration is letting the religion myth affect the future of the Deaf community.  After all, it is a false prophet with the flag bearer carrying the wrong message.



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2 thoughts on “Gallaudet University: Which is Better Flag Bearer?

  1. I am very impressed that you gave many clear arguments about the bibical myth. It is important to focus on capability that we have contributed to the world since the very beginning of existence. Without it, the would would shift away to the illogical concept. Would Spock be willing to save Deaf world? Or would he recognize the Deaf people as a member of the Deaf world? YES, I do because Spock or his people would recognize linguistic minority therefore they would respect the Deaf race. Am I qualified to be Part of Spock’s race?

    1. Glad to know that someone is also a Trekkie! I agree with you! In the similar manner, in 1864, National Deaf-Mute College (Gallaudet University today) was founded with a comprehensive curriculum in science, mathematics, government, history, languages and so forth to cultivate thought to lead a restoration of ASL and Deaf Culture in our American society! That’s why the American flag stands for!

      What kind of place should biblical myth belong to? Deaf people are taught in colleges and universities above [National Deaf-Mute College–Gallaudet College–Gallaudet University] to retain their Deaf world as a deep perspective. EPHPHATHA does not have the constitutional right to aid Deaf students to delete their own philosophy of life (Deaf culture).

      While we need academic Deaf professors who are in Deaf-centered position at Gallaudet, we also need more “old fashioned philosophers” who act from this perspective and relate their total-view perspectives to an activist personal philosophy–to every day questions of how we live and use our language and culture to influence people and politicians in the United States. That is the Deaf culture we should be taught about–not even EPHPHATHA cannot stop us!

      Live long and prosper!


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