Gallaudet University: A Speculation about Dwight Benedict


There are some concerns that need to be expressed. When we subtract our the emotional content of this controversial issue, it is important to know that Gallaudet community should be aware about this, a familiar source inside the administration has informed that Paul Kelly known as “money-man” who is one of the most ruthless men ever to be lived will resign the position as Vice President, Administration and Finance since 1988 soon—-time will tell. We live in such a fallen world.

As soon as Kelly retires, there is someone with greatest interest in this position: Albert Dwight Benedict, Dean for Student Affairs and Academic Support. The status quo continues at Gallaudet University-allowing the same propaganda style to infiltrate our common senses. Would you agree that Albert Dwight Benedict is a perfect candidate for the position? What do you say? Reminder: It serves as worthy reminder that Gallaudetians like myself find us engulfed in breathless speculation.

Yes, there has an acknowledgement that Dwight might also retires within a year or two years as well, but the position was eye-opening and a lot of money is hard to walk away from. I would like to emphasize that it has been speculation. Say, what if it is not speculation?


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