NAD: It’s Time to Un-Quo the Status


NAD is really afraid to remove status quo. First and foremost, we—the Deaf—must never be ignorant in any way whatsoever. Be it status quo or the present NAD. It is my amateur opinion that NAD is very successful in dodging responsibilities in not only oppressing NAD president candidate, but also fumbling NAD in the professional question.

As Carl Sagan suggested, we have past history to understand our present. Today we are aware that NAD is all about pure whitewash and fabrication. NAD has been rewarded for marginalizing elections as well as disassociating themselves from truth. Conceit is just as natural a thing to NAD as arrogance is to a loser.

NAD is—Deaf people’s consumer organization. Is it really now? Due to NAD’s ignorance of Deaf people who were in favor of NAD president candidate, a fierce leader, it shows that NAD is afraid to articulate and facilitate status quo through the political lens.

Moreover, NAD was ultimately able to finance the office of status quo in distributing symbolic messages for Deaf community—a wooden ruler, a big NO-NO in the Deaf world.

In conclusion, NAD was effective gofer-status quo-“ers” in NAD’s administration, knowledge is pain, but for NAD administration to be effective oppressors in the Deaf community, after all, ignorance is bliss.


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message

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