NEW FLASH: Formal Complaint Against NAD

Got it from We the Deaf People (WTDP):


I received a copy of the message below from one of its original recipients on the E-mail list, and thought our community should be aware of this. The Committee for David Reynolds gave me permission to repost this. I hope and trust that the Election Committee will have an answer to this dilemma. I also hope there will be a fair and just election process at the upcoming NAD Conference.

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05 July 2016

Dear Election Committee: Pamela Lloyd-Ogoke, Chair, Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz, and Gerald “Jerry” Nelson,

(cc: 2016 NAD Delegates, Howard Rosenblum, and NAD Board Members)

I wish to file a formal complaint against NAD’s CEO, Howard Rosenblum.

Yesterday morning, just before the Board meeting, Howard called me aside for a short meeting. Chris Wagner was present for most of the meeting. I did not have anyone with me.

Howard expressed dissatisfaction with my work on the Board for the past four years. He said: “I’m so fed up with you.” He then made complaints about some of the things I’ve done during the past four years. I told him that I’ve been asking again and again for a meeting with him to discuss his issues with me. We all know that the more we talk, the more things would be cleared up/resolved. He claimed that he has been “too busy.” A CEO has responsibility to talk and resolve issues. He was under the wrong impression that I should have been referring people to him when they contacted me as a Region IV Board member.

He also said, “If you become President, I will resign as CEO, because I can’t work with you.” Also, “You can’t be my boss.” This coming from a CEO. I was truly stunned. Not only that, Chris Wagner, as his supervisor, watched this happening.

He said that, when asked by some Delegates, he told them that he’d rather work with MD (Melissa Draganac-Hawk), and he won’t work with me. I told him that he is shifting the votes away from me, but he just shrugged me off. That, to me, is voter suppression. It is also unprofessional, unethical, and so very wrong.

According to the NAD bylaws, Article IV, paragraph 16, it states:
“…the Chief Executive Officer shall report to the President of the Association.” If the CEO attempts to sway delegates’ votes in the election for President, it is a grave violation of the spirit of the bylaws and therefore also Robert’s Rules. That means Howard, as CEO, should put his own plans aside and allow the delegates to decide without interference on his part. The CEO should not have any say in the elections for board members.

Furthermore, I strongly feel this election committee is already in conflict with one of its members, Jerry Nelson. His wife, Nancy Bloch, actively campaigned for my competitor by contacting the delegates through email. He must be removed from the committee.

Jerry Nelson should consider stepping down from the Elections Committee due to reports of his spouse, Nancy Bloch, contacting delegates via email to sway their votes to my competitor. This creates an unacceptable conflict of interest on Jerry’s part, even if he means well.

Since the delegates are already involved by his bias and improper conduct, all of the delegates should receive a copy of this email.

For the reasons stated above, Howard should be reprimanded for his unethical conduct and he should refrain from discussing any election matters. Likewise, I expect a public apology from him (with a copy sent to all delegates) and I expect him to get up on stage during COR to give a public apology for being disrespectful, unprofessional, and downright politically sleazy in his behavior, and tell delegates that as CEO he is committed to working with whomever is elected.

I would appreciate a response within 24 hours.

Thank you,

David O. Reynolds

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One thought on “NEW FLASH: Formal Complaint Against NAD

  1. Wow. This is interesting.

    On Wednesday, July 6, 2016, I Think I Am a Better Ghost Than I Am a Human Being wrote:

    > The Last Hiccup posted: “Got it from We the Deaf People (WTDP): NEWS FLASH > – NEWS FLASH – NEWS FLASH! I received a copy of the message below from one > of its original recipients on the E-mail list, and thought our community > should be aware of this. The Committee for David Reynolds” >

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