AGBell’s New War Zone: ASL



Credit: Jeffrey Beatty

As three major strikes in 90 days, shows that Alexander Graham Bell (AGBell) do attack beyond the hate group terrorizing Deaf community are taking authority more frequently and often with hate crime from its leaders.

In his Quaestio Quodilibetalis XX1. 14, Saint Thomas Aquinas replies to the question, “Utrum veritas sit fortior inter vinum et regem et mulierem”–in other words, whether the power of truth is more potent, more persuasive, and more constricting than the authority of a king, the influence of wine……(Umberto Eco, On Literature)

The first strike, “It is our hope to dispel the myths about deafness and spread the word that deaf children can hear & talk. What it means to be ‘deaf’ has changed.” The second strike, “Just still astounds me that, by some, ASL is seen as a ‘human right,’ even when SOUND isn’t”, and third strike: “As a proverb states, no one is as deaf as those will not listen or those who will not embrace progress. ”

What types of framing processes do hate groups adopt? Related, what are the consequences of framing hate groups and the collective action frames that they produce? With these questions in mind, we need to take a long look is on how AGBell has framed the problem of violence against Deaf community for using ASL, respectively, as well as hate crimes.

Many Deaf people have been emboldened by the offensive hate rhetoric in the society. Think about Deaf mainstreaming students or Oral students everyday in their classroom who would get harassed by teachers. All these years, even in Meredith Sugar’s final speech, I wonder across America, have the teachers noted an increase in bullying, harassment, and intimidation of Deaf students whose have been the verbal targets of AGBell’s trail? We had seen and treated as non-talking animals. Whatever directive it might be, it was wrong to rough them up under any circumstance whatsoever just because they use ASL is uncivil and unnecessary.

We do not need to see AGBell again! We the Deaf have led lives of compulsion and necessity within an unforgiving, if not hostile, hearing social hierarchy in environment where ASL has been marginalized and visual modes of communication forever speculated. AGBell has became a state of official denial the fact that ASL does make a huge difference. It is the community of Deaf people being constantly misinterpreted by AGBell that subscribes to its philosophy of all languages and modes of communication except ASL.

We deplore efforts to allow AGBell denigrate ASL, to seek to explain the world in highest terms, and to look outside for truth. We believe that ASL can contribute to the betterment of human life. We cultivate the arts of ASL and compromise as a means of resolving differences and achieving mutual understanding. We will always nourish ASL for reason and compassion.


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

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