Gallaudet University: Stop Bankrolling Alexander Graham Bell’s Hate

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Art Work Done by Joseph N. Artino

Dear Gallaudet University,

The world’s only university for the Deaf in Washington, D.C.; known as Gallaudet University need to back away from sponsorship of Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf—their campaign is a huge failure as it further isolates Deaf people and American Sign Language (ASL)—with a hard choice: inclusion and support AGBell’s hate and its association that normalize toxic, bigoted, and hateful rhetoric. Deaf people deserve to have an honorable life;

We the activists in Deaf community need to pressure Gallaudet University to disassociate with AGBell’s hate. It is irresponsible and dangerous for AGBell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to promote hate by dehumanizing ASL:

-AGBell’s characterization of ASL and Deaf people;
-AGBell’s rhetoric encouraging his supporters to target Deaf people with horizontal and vertical violence;
-AGBell’’s consistent character assassination to end ASL access for Deaf people;
-AGBell’s threat is a serious hate problem;

AGBell folks would create and appropriate such researches and deceptions that with “spoken English”–speech training, Deaf people can succeed in ways of hearing people. By doing this, they promote indirect and implicit human abuses among Deaf people. It is so individualistic and isolating. Although AGBell folks entertained the world with their marvels and deceptions, they have always remained dangerous to the society.

In a letter from Gallaudet President Cordano, Dispels the Myths of Language Acquisition, “Offering a deaf child both ASL and English, spoken and written, is the greatest gift anyone can give to that child, to the child’s family, and to our world.”

‘Spoken English’ is AGBell’s greatest crime and gift: Oralism. It is better to change it to written counterpart English.  Not Spoken English.

Our goal is children who are bilingual in ASL and English. Thus, proficiency in English is one of our primary objectives. We contend simply that both the learning of English and access to the curriculum may be speeded and enhanced by establishing ASL as the first language.”-Robert E. Johnson, Scott K. Liddell and Carol J. Erting, Unlocking the Curriculum: Principles for Achieving Access in Deaf Education 

Key word: Proficiency: a high degree of competence or skill; expertise.

Gallaudet University needs to stand up for language bigotry-free and back away from AGBell’s hate, so the Deaf students do not need to deal with AGBell’s toxic philosophy. There were hundreds of thousands of AGBell survivors—and expect Gallaudet University to do the right thing. Will Gallaudet University cut off funding with Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf? Can you help increase the pressure today?

Thank you for standing up to AGBell’s hate, bigotry and xenophobia;


Johnson, Robert E. Liddell, Scott K. and Erting, Carol J. Unlocking the Curriculum: Principles for Achieving Access in Deaf Education


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.

4 thoughts on “Gallaudet University: Stop Bankrolling Alexander Graham Bell’s Hate

  1. Am very curious. Where is the evidence of bankrolling AG BELL? I would like to see it so we know what we are talking about. Much thanks.

  2. I read President Cordano’s statement and found the sentence you are referring to above. It appears to me that she is promoting not only ASL, but spoken English which means Oralism, as well.

    I bet you AG Bell’s followers are thrilled she said that. That means the parents of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children will definitely, positively, absolutely pick Oralism or maybe cued speech, to supplement ASL in order for their DHH children to have better English by the time they enter kindergarten. This IS what Lead-K is all about.

  3. We need to froce them to shut down agbell builting. And i think that every deaf people who went through this all could sue agbell. Just sue sue sue sue. Every of us. Hire lawyer to work for deaf people to fight against agbell. Make them look bad!

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