One Year Later: No Apology from Vinton Cerf


As this morning, May 22nd, 2016–I was reading a newspaper from Washington Post in Business section, “Special Report: Visions of the Future”—about the titans of technology and business examine ideas that are re-imagining industries and transforming lives. The key word is “of.” What does it mean? From, there are two important definition:

-used to indicate distance or direction from, separation, deprivation, etc; Example: within a mile of the church;

used to indicate specific identity or a particular item within a category; Example: the city of Chicago;

 A year ago, Vinton Cerf whom was asked to give a commencement speech at Gallaudet University, Cerf’s interpretation of Deaf community’s timidity as making, “Deaf people” into cochlear implant industry telling a very powerful narrative–the Deaf people became a symbol of language deprivation for the Deaf community.

Hence the specific identity…..that special day for graduation held at Gallaudet University, time heals all wounds. I am not sure whether that is necessarily true, but it is certainly helps, in my observation, to distance yourself from the pain prior to truly placing an objective lens on your experiences.


Further, as some of Cerf’s speech pointed out, they did experience hate speech—making it impossible for them to truly relate to events and interactions which they were asked to judge. It is difficult enough to have true objectivity in something which they have not experienced personally. To ask one to provide insight, or moral guidance, on a matter which they have neither experienced nor could they possibly imagine, is highly presumptuous.

Cerf’s quote from this morning’s newspaper: Human error, not hackers, threaten net.

After all, Cerf’s hate speech was not an human error, threatening ASL and Deaf culture. No apology has ever issued from Mr. Vinton Cerf—ever. Even Gallaudet University did not issue a public apology, too.

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