Dear Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC):

The hate group is a catchy phrase matching your ideologies. AGBell’s practice of hatred is now not welcomed in Deaf community anymore. The danger of AGBell’s moral judgement has been all in violation of our land: Fourth Amendment–rights of privacy and search and seizure legal protections. AGBell survivors need to get together and stand up against AGBell’s legal assault of the United States Constitution. The moral judgement by his hatred need to be stamped out. His views are damned for his differences today. Can you imagine any deficit thinking society like patronizing Deaf community what they can view to their own pursuit of happiness?

The punishment AGBell need to face from government class who continue to sell out Deaf people’s constitutional rights of free speech in the First Amendment. American Sign Language (ASL) is protected by the First Amendment in the United States Bill of Rights.

The moral judgement is also a fear-machine for all future Deaf children in America having inherited from AGBell’s hate practices. People need to realize that Deaf children do have their basic legal rights as adults do. All thanks to AGBell’s fearful and ignorant people who drank the kool-aid of the extreme public safety mania way back in 1900’s and beyond and it is truly a shame on any law that restricts our First Amendment rights to free speech.

Alexander Graham Bell group should be charged with a hate group for causing a moral judgement: Genocide. Yet, AGBell continues to celebrate the past and destruction of Deaf children and its First Amendment free speech rights and all done in the fashion of fear, disgust, and anger.

But we all know that AGBell, a career criminal in the picture, gets the brutal end of criminal sentencing and system would never prosecute hate groups, for example, language bigotry criminals like AGBell himself. Stop using Deaf children for political profiteering. Deaf children have a social network to live successfully through ASL. Those survivors may be more inclined to report hate crimes and trust could be restored because the Deaf community do not feel alienated by AGBell practices. AGBell’s role in preventing when they are able to criticize and gain more hate crimes, AGBell representatives need to recognize how influential their actions truly are to the community they work and live in.

It goes without saying that he never considered Deaf children’s linguistic, social, or cognitive needs. Much less their feelings. AGBell survivors focused only on one thing: surviving. To be clear, AGBell has gained ground in every leading hatred list. The post could not be done without talking with AGBell survivors and reading articles for time-being, that has been socially marginalized, politically, hegemonized, and culturally manipulated would feel hurt and betrayed.

Community accountability do matter. AGBell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing would consider a hate group by now.

Onward and upward!



Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only including this copyright message.


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