NAD: Accessibile ASL is a Human Right!


Thank you, friend for sharing the photo with me. Chris Wagner from National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is pulling another stunt. Look at the picture below:

On February 2, 2016—I took my bruised heart on the bumpy road to get to MedStar Washington Hospital Center (WHC), a place that is taught for people to build trust for people’s lives. For the next five hours, I had been denied for ASL interpreter. I’m talking about a guy who has history of heart attacks should be seen right away. I guess NAD has been struggling with the limited, for example, “manpower”—the stunt what Chris Wagner and NAD would not tell you the truth.

Visiting a hospital is a stress-machine anytime—should accessible communication has been rejected. It gains political integrity from NAD, I was so sure that I exercise my ADA rights in every setting, getting a letter from NAD was a tepid answer for them as these questions were asked right on the spot. There is never an easy answer when it involves current practices of social discrimination against and oppression of the Deaf. They will not be stopped, either.

From Sociology background, I was taught to read about Michael Foucault that he asserted in his lecture that no government around the world could understand our individuality but they made laws about us—the policy of plurality—the one for all, all for one deal. Access to ASL interpreters is the real deal for all answers. As for Audism, by denying accessible communication for five hours, I am lead to believe that NAD thinks (1) that we the Deaf need to deal with this and (2) that it is better to give than to receive in that sense it is better for make Deaf patients to deal with extreme stress, than to fight for their language and culture that is foreign to NAD. I am interested in how the political of NAD aspects of everyday life are connected.

As for the perversity of lacking enough for accessible communication, with the post Chris Wagner shared NAD’s photos is not inherent to the nature of ASL. Have NAD ever really done any major changes in our time? Once again, NAD and Chris Wagner himself need to tell the truth that the post is all about public stunt. Come on, stop playing political! ASL is a human right like Please read the e-mail I received from NAD, the key words: hostile environment, few litigation attorneys, limited resources, and…. filing complaints with the organizations NAD recommend, they are hearing-based organizations, do they ever really understand Deaf struggles unlike NAD? I share my concerns about the delay of time what NAD has done, the change is needed. I rather would suffer heart attack than asking for help from NAD. Which one is more stressful?

Dear Mr. Tozier,

Thank you for contacting the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) with your complaint against MedStar Washington Hospital Center for failing to timely provide you with an interpreter and for the hospital’s hostile environment. After discussing your situation with my supervising attorney, we have decided, unfortunately, that we will not represent you. Please understand that the NAD only has a few litigation attorneys and limited resources. We currently need to handle many cases where there has been outright denial of an interpreter. That said, your case is no less important and we do have concerns about the delay of time that you have had to endure while waiting for the interpreter. We recommend that you file a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and/or the DC Office of Human Rights.


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only including this copyright message.

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