April 2016: Achieving ASL Liberates Us All


From what I had learned a lot from this month, it is probably the most incredible month I had seen for a while in Deaf community. After Ms. Meredith Sugar, President for Alexander Graham Bell Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, an organization that is a comedy training—actually, it would easier to call all of them clowns after scolding Nyle DiMarco and its American Sign Language (ASL) was an epic movie. Including a highway in Canada would like to rename one of few core leaders in eugenics and hate crimes known as Alexander Graham Bell Parkway by attempting to replace Highway 403.

So, tomorrow, May 1st will be AGBell’s favorite month. Why? Better Hearing and Speech Month. Well, not to worry that the Deaf community did their part to express their stories that will never be forgotten. AGBell survivors are untouchable. They are unique! Deaf community may not be perfect, but they sure are the leaders, all of us in one same group.

It is their problem to face the fear that the fact ASL is a powerful key in obtaining communication, knowledge, and information. Without ASL, there is no room for Deaf people. Without silence, there cannot be any real appreciation of ASL, which is as delicate in its inner fabrics as a newborn who happens to be Deaf. So the first step into Deafhood is to recognize that ASL and Deaf Culture exists. As AGBell read this lesson, his mind may rebel, saying “No!” to the very notion that ASL exists.

Gallaudet University SBG has invited AGBell to visit the campus, they did not answer the letter. My interest is in coining the phobia term to describe a type of fear that exists only at AGBell headquarters. Yes, it has yet to be found in a reference book or medical paper but it has to be confirmed by the medical profession.

Enosiophobia (fear of criticism)—I need to understand how that phobia was named. It comes from the root of Greek, therefore any word that is connected to it should be Greek.

AGBell broke the Greek rule within the medical profession. It is unacceptable for AGBell organization not to respond to all of the letters Deaf community has found their sweat and passion to write, they are afraid to face the truth, the normal fear for AGBell to face the ASL stimuli, such as negative labels (ASL is declining, etc) has been a prototype elsewhere as well. If AGBell wants to expose Deaf community like that again, either labeling or being labeled, the phobic response could not extinguish itself. This is occurring with the Deaf community, and we need to develop phobic treatment involving exposure to negative labels.

We will be warmed by change and growth within ASL community. Our journey will continue. AGBell, time for you to wave the white flag.



Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only including this copyright message.

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