Invisible Minority: The Growing Crisis of Deaf World


Scrabble, anyone?

What is now being done? Deaf scholars have yet identified by now the full dimensions of hiring hearing teachers that does not know ASL very well in Deaf Studies departments. There is an alarming rate that the unemployment is high for Deaf people even qualified Deaf folks with higher education degrees. Who will teach? How many? Where? And where will they be found? By what methods, first and foremost, will Deaf scholars be found, recruited, and involved?

There are lots of Deaf people who are going to respond because they want a decent chance to earn a living and to have a comfortable life: if not for their Deafhood journey, then for their people. The value of Deaf Studies anywhere questions in mirrors.

Do we consider “hearing” to be our enemies or friends? Do we ask the hearing people in to share in our existence? Deaf Studies were supposed to share its mountain of healing. Another is a common reference to oppress Deaf people as “the target population”–Deaf Studies was supposed to focus for Deaf people to be employed in the department, by definition, is shared knowledge. As such, it is collective by necessity. Deaf people sign in private moments.

Deaf people, when viewed as a collective process, helps to reduce our feelings of Audism from hearing people, an anointed individual whether the hearing people is in charge of Deaf Studies when they do not know ASL well even Deaf Studies itself, and in this way, heightens our struggle and guards against our pain in “truth” offered by hearing people who appears to have the authority over Deaf people, students and Deaf scholars.

If one precious goal of minimizing Audism in Deaf Studies, it is the right way of informed respect to defend us against Audism, whether power trip or language hegemony, then the initial stages of Deaf people so far as possible, to pose the vision of oppression from whether imposed us by hearing people to whom, permanently, Deaf people find themselves oppressed everywhere. Someone once said, “Deaf Studies should be for Deaf people only.” Do you think it is fair enough? Can they give them employment and secure a fair life?


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3 thoughts on “Invisible Minority: The Growing Crisis of Deaf World

  1. Very true message from JT. Look and check yourself not many Deaf works at Deaf schools because of hearing favorism and privilege. Just stop playing around with Deaf and ASL as human and education rights. AGBell and Audiologists and Cochlear Implants and hearing society are destroying them instead SAVE THE DEAF AND ASL RIGHTS NOW. Are we punish for being Deaf? Don’t you want to see Deaf and ASL and Deaf schools are growing and growing? Deaf kids can’t have their dream to be teacher in the future. How nice of you. “Deaf” looks ugly or negative or what? Where are our freedom of sign? Not speech. Be realistic. No voice and No hear are just fine and nothing wrong and peaceful and worry free and stress free and good news sleep well anytime. We the Deaf just want your respect our human and sign language rights. Deaf have natural life by visual. We are so sorry that birds bother your morning sleeping. Deaf do not need ear plugs. We the Deaf are so blessed and unique culture honestly with you no joke. Please love your Deaf babies learn ASL without CI looks so natural as their human rights.

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