Open Letter for Dr. June Rogers, Director of Provincial School Branch



David Call’s You Turned your Back on Us! 

Dear Dr. June Rogers, Director of Provincial School Branch,

I would like to express my concerns with the Ministry of Education under your care where I extend my most sincere support for Deaf Superintendent. On November 17, 2015, you choose to ignore 200+ Deaf supporters where they were once students in Provincial School Branch [PSB] system first hand. When PSB announced it had chose Jeanne Leonard for the Superintendent job. She had been chief Audist to Deaf students even with the staff, too.

As a box that asks if she was ever responsible for better leadership in past employment, she does not care, had been born in a town called Audist dot org that breeds her ignorance. Is the information about Leonard’s actions relevant? When should Deaf community deserve better than this? When should the newspaper include the stages of oppression what PSB has done to Deaf people when they apply for the top job?

In reading about Leonard’s promotion and to object the inclusion of the detail, I could not believe that you ignored Deaf supporters. Your ignorance would have just done enough damage. There are so many of those supporters that wish there was not an ignorance—when Ministry of Education promotes awareness with open mind—that is totally the opposite, you know, subtle discrimination.

On the educational pages, or relating to same Deaf people who pays taxes and they have every right to have Deaf Superintendent as a biological detail, it would connotes a long-term healthy relationship with the Deaf community, but not necessarily with a hearing member or in other words, it is time for a change. The Deaf Superintendent is the team leader—a future profile and is the key to re-making history for stories to write for future Deaf students for specificity.

With the proper process, you also choose to ignore that the fact you selected Jeanne Leonard, is no doubt gratifying to many others, myself included. The process seems to be in direct contrast to decisions in the past that lead to a lack of leadership in PSB—that claims to understand that hearing Superintendent is better suited from having the fact included in a front page that Jeanne Leonard is not the right person for Deaf community. The Deaf supporters are not comfortable with the level of attention at this hour and they may demur at having difficulty in the public domain.

Public figures who lead Superintendent like Jeanne Leonard have little if any expectation of respect for Deaf students—if a high level political official whose decision affect many Deaf people is the subject of a story, then naturally you are responsible for the situation. Audistocracy—institutions, organizations, and programs ineptly run by non-Deaf people for the benefit of Deaf people and Deaf children without, or with minimal, involvement by the Deaf community. (Paul K. Simmons and Jeffrey B. Beatty) is in question is real that raises a big concern that demands further consideration.

My main concern was whether the fact you ignored and refused to listen to them would be the focus of your own leadership or detract from PSB you would be doing. I urge you to make a better decision and have Jeanne Leonard withdraw from Superintendent position effectively.


Copyright © 2015 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only including this copyright message.




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