Stop the Viral Hate: Targeting Nyle DiMarco


Almost everyone will agree that cyberbullying refers to the situation people describe and support Nyle DiMarco in every aspect of a human form. “The cat is on the mat”—referring to someone who cyberbullies someone else who is in which a cat is on the mat. It is important that the community accountability must be shared, but the people are reluctant to draw the consequences one would expect them to draw when cyberbullying follows a phrase like “believes” or “sees”. For consider this sequence of cyberbullying propositions:

One believes that the cat is on the mat.

The cat is Tabby.

One believes that Tabby is on the mat.

Suppose the cyberbullying is allowed against Nyle DiMarco just because whether he is gay or not—what do you call it? Speak out. Applaud positive messages. Talk to others about what you’ve seen. Recognition of bias. Community accountability is a shared responsibility. Speak out consistently and forcefully–against hate and bigotry. Now imagine that Nyle had already experienced plenty of subsequent cyberbullying—in Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, the language is clear that they do not allow him to break free of civilization, bound to their rules, must suffer oppression or die.

I believe community accountability and bring out awareness is in order. Will Nyle ever feel safe—-it is more than just hostile—more like, well, you know. I myself experienced as a subject of a rumormongering mill and cyberbullying countless of times.

There is a book sitting on my shelf, Viral Hate: Containing its Spread on The Internet written by Abraham H. Foxman and Christopher Wolf in page 135,

Dear Darren,

Thank you for your lovely message, how nice of you to notice that I am Kind, I do try. As for the subjects you wanted to advice on–I’ll do my best but believe me, I’m no oracle. Yes I do believe that there are more than enough crazy people in the world, it always amazes me that people who wouldn’t have been allowed crayons 10 year ago now have access to the Internet, BTW what is your favorite colour crayon? Mine is blue, they taste best. 

I doubt that the world would be better without gays; to be honest they would be a miss to the caring and service professions and don’t even get me started on hair dressing. Less beans would make the world a far worse place in my opinion, I love baked beans on toast and chili just isn’t a chili without kidney beans—so I’ll have to disagree with you there too. I love my tranny, I listen to the BBC Radio 4 during the day for plays and comedies and discussions while I’m working, so I’d miss that a lot. Being gay isn’t really a disability, unless you’re a stud horse or a homophobic bigot, in which case I find that most homophobic bigots hide their latent homosexuality (That means gayness) and attack people who are openly gay so they feel less insecure about themselves, but I don’t need to explain that any further to you, do I?

Thank you for the excellent advice, my page, which has 400,000+ members, with MILLIONS of post views and website hits per month will be deleted immediately; because we wouldn’t want word to get out would we?

Bye for now poppet, take care.

Wipe out Homophobia xxx”


Copyright © 2015 Jason Tozier


This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message


9 thoughts on “Stop the Viral Hate: Targeting Nyle DiMarco

  1. Hi, I don’t think Nyle should not be targeting. A person who cyberbulling Nyle should be targeting for making false comment against Nyle. Nyle has done nothing wrong. We all know he is not gay. We are here to support Nyle Bc we believe deaf people can do anything except to hear. So what’s wrong with this picture here? It’s a person that start this whole false comments. Go Nyle!! We got your back!! Don’t feel down. Brush those negativity off your shoulder. If they got problems against you, they go through me first! Go Nyle! Hope you win!

  2. I m agree and I support nyle I hope that he will win I don’t care about gay or not . I look at him on face and body it is handsome and shape good damn hot body . I love him he is cute wow and hot thank u wink👍🏿

  3. They should not targeting nyle we know hes not gay. And we here to support him because deaf can do anything. Hes winderful man whoecer does cyberbullying need to be in serious trouble..

  4. I am a victim of cyberbullying by the same individual who is also stalker who did to Nyle. I don’t care whether Nyle is gay or not? I am so excited to see Nyle rise to make a higher level on the show. Jealousy is a disease, Get well and Stop cyberbilling.

  5. Nyle is great good looking and hot body to show out of the world that He is a deaf person to use asl to help deaf children’s future . He grew a wonderful deaf family . We all are support him and keep his head up .

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