A Not-So-Noble Cause to Support

196734_10150114084468520_558913519_6531902_269564_nPlease welcome Star Leonard-Fleckman as my guest of the day. When I asked my father a simple question, “were you swayed by the audiologists and doctors who gave you both their first “intervention”? And try to remember what exactly happened and maybe try with names and their presence means very much to me. Then he answers back,

I am trying to remember this when we found out you were deaf the doctors said that TMOS (Tucker-Maxon Oral School) was the best place for you because they could teach you how to hear with aids and visual help. There was a lady named Star Leonard and she was really good and helpful. The reason you went there instead of deaf school was that the doctors felt it was too much of a closed environment and would not be good fit for you, as you get older.

IMG_1096In this newspaper clip you see, Star Leonard “sweet-talk” and deceives my mother and father with the philosophy that I would be more “hearing” child and wipe off my Deaf identity. She grabs and holds both of my hands in this picture are very much clear of human rights violation!

Star Leonard-Fleckman breeds stupidity and seemingly comfortable with leading Deaf children where they want to go. LISTEN AND TALK. She seems to find the balance of oppressive policies that allows to please Deaf children in school who hopes for sound-oriented leadership the minute she took her office which indicates both of streak of fruitful oppression and a Deaf child’s value of compromise.

As in her biography, she writes “I had a bit of exposure, as my aunt’s sister had a son who was deaf and attended Tucker-Maxon in Portland, OR. Every summer, Bobby would stay with my aunt and her family for a month while she gave her sister a month of respite. Events just placed me with the right person at Oregon State in my senior year and he introduced me to the only oral teacher at State School For The Deaf in Salem. Once a week for my senior year I worked in Mrs. Taylor’s classroom. She told me about CID and the rest is history…”


[Human Being becomes…………………………………Human Doing]

“I earned a bachelor’s degree in child development from Oregon State University, a master’s degree in the education of deaf children from Central Institute For The Deaf in St. Louis, and was a Preschool Teacher and Parent Infant Coordinator at Tucker-Maxon Oral School in Portland, Oregon. “

Star was partially responsible for my parents’ divorce. After all, she said, “I love watching the whole family system grow stronger as they learn more about raising a child with hearing loss. Knowing that I have a knowledgeable group of professionals to support me great comfort”

It is funny how knowledgeable was written in there and that is how the profession of an interventionist trains to tell lies. Look at my mother and father how they smile including Star herself. Notice something missing? I did not smile. Click the image for bigger size.

jt1976Leonard-Fleckman is not a great early interventionist or an audiologist for this matter or good interventionist either, but certainly stupider than average. I like it when she speaks about policies, I disagree with her and the school’s values and I wish her well. Tucker-Maxon Oral School is a political center that brings an ax to grind to ethnocide Deaf children around and deal with this way.

Do not allow human body resistance again! American Sign Language shall be rejoiced!



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