Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s Observation: The Department of Interpretation

IMG_6931Today is Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s birthday. Gallaudet University was named after his namesake and his visionary was very much clear to gain sufficient knowledge to make sure Deaf students would be committed to excellence in their education. I will not support hearing students in there because Gallaudet wanted this for Deaf students only—-some of hearing students, especially interpreting majors today there are the worst oppressors and do not excel themselves in the Deaf-world. It is not very much part of human nature to excel in what interpreting majors does not know and do not posses either.

Are Deaf students inclined toward their dualistic nature in which they are practicing binary thinking: good interpreter versus poor interpreter, Deaf versus hearing, and so forth. Is it part of the tidy formulas that no single set of rules that would lead to excellent ends for them? Deaf students who are in his or her field of study to reach their fullest potential to operate from “higher education” only if they master to know how to stand up and stop Audism there.

Gallaudet University—is it an ASL-friendly society that share certain attributes for Deaf students to be protected from Audists? For the next generation, Deaf students needs to strive how to act in the ways that they do not need to experience 1880 Milan Resolution in every respect.

Is it part of the administration’s cover-up that Deaf students are doomed to fall after they had been risen a while? Why set up Department of Interpretation (DOI) not to admit their mistakes and shut up Deaf students? What did Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, the American pioneer in the education of the Deaf, mean when he said, “Deaf people can learn” in the search of higher education to learn and strive their Deaf identity?

IMG_1593With interpreting majors in the cafeteria using their voices mocking Deaf students, let me remind you–those same interpreters who once interpreted for Deafhood Monologues, they are part of the same cycle: The 1880 Milan Resolution banning sign language in the cafeteria and that leads to a question: Is “listening and speak” an absolutely necessary to mock Deaf students under Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s mission vision?

The DOI has become not the glory, but the pride of oppressing Deaf students in cafeteria among all the halls on the campus and the failure of code of ethics at least equally oppressive in the Deaf community that Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet would not allow interpreting majors to disable Deaf students and rob their dignity.

Happy birthday, Thomas!


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