ASL Interview Patronizing Questions

stop-628x363ASL 202 Interview Questions–I got this from a friend of mine who was a student in that class and send me the questions. I find this very patronizing and it is non-linguistic/non-language questions!

1. Were you born Deaf or hearing? What age did you become Deaf? What cause you to become Deaf?

2. Is your family all Deaf, part of Deaf, or all Hearing?

3. Did you go to residential school, mainstreaming, or oral school? In your opinion, do you feel you have received good education with these schools? Share your experience in the school you attended.

4.  Where did you go to school and is it a residential school, mainstreaming, or oral school?

a. Residential school: Is your teacher hearing/deaf/hard of hearing?

b. Mainstreaming: is your teacher hearing/deaf/hard of hearing?

c. Oral school: is your teacher hearing/deaf/hard of hearing?

5. When was the first time you were exposed to ASL? Do any of your family members use ASL to communicate with you? If not, how does your family communicate with you? If none, why? Would you prefer your family to use ASL?

6.  What are some experiences that you feel or identify yourself as a Deaf person? Why?

7. How do the people affect you as a Deaf person? Do you share common values and beliefs with other Deaf persons?

8. Have you heard the word “Audism” before? (Find the definition of this from your Instructor) Have you experience this “Audism”?

9. Are you in college or job?

a. College: What year are you in and what major?

b. Job: what job are you working now? How long have you worked for them?

10. Do you go to events, socials, or sports where you use ASL? Is it important? Why?

11. Make sure you thank the Deaf/ Hard of Hearing person for this interview


One thought on “ASL Interview Patronizing Questions

  1. Why did you think these questions were patronizing? These are typical questions the ASL instructor have their students ask Deaf / hard-of-hearing people as a way of learning about the Deaf world, etc… Boring questions, perhaps, as we all have been asked them nearly all of our lives, but how else do people learn?? Have patience and who knows – we just may gain some incredible interpreters, allies, advocates and friends down the road.

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