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04wtiBusinessPlagiarismMarkAirsiStockphoto-1364924937214Is Gallaudet University blind into a culture of cheating? It is important to know that educational leadership is very evolving, ranging from strict discipline to sound practice to informed citizenry. A good writer always knows what his readers are thinking and what they want to be told next.

If a Deaf undergraduate student paid a ghost writer “shut up money” to do either homework assignments by writing papers, does that consider a cheating? Cooperating? Getting by? Lying? What if then undergraduate student who is now in the administration under Hurwitz’s cabinet, that person makes easy $100K+ a year to lie through teeth. That is not part of academic honesty. People would deal with a queen, but I prefer deal with diplomats and representatives who are democratically elected to their office.

The administer is a slow beginner in the study of literature and have so much to learn, not only about the texts and the time periods from which the texts are bourne, but about the process of writing analytically and thoughtfully. The administer never learn how to become more versed with the Modern Language Association (MLA) standard, as it was easily one of its larger challenges in reference to its course, particularly the distinguishing of referencing with proper citations. At times the administer doubted the validity of its own ideas and relied upon others, unaware that the administer has done over-reliance could be considered plagiarism.

Gallaudet University has a policy that they do not tolerate plagiarism at all. The reason I decided to write this because there were four students who has come up and asked me if I can write their papers and get paid. I was offended! I strongly believe in bilingualism very much, for example, ASL-English and I also believe that people MUST learn how to get in writing mode with a lot of patience and it requires a technical skill that must be learned. Also, learn how to write that will become your lifeblood through ASL, too. If you want to learn how to be a good writer, read books and attend writing seminars are the best thing you can do to master your writing by interpret, clarify, analyze, develop, solve and dissolve.

Yes, I am very much Deaf that requires sight-oriented and I do not care very much about sound-oriented at all. I refuse to be embarrassed about my writing skills at all! Then why there is bilingualism encouraged be understanding and analyzing today if students at Gallaudet are paying ghostwriters to do their homework? From my own opinion, if students are lazy to learn how to write, then they are actually oppressing themselves even more. Is that wrong to break the cycle? There is no right or wrong way of how to learn to get in writing mode. It requires practice, practice, and practice! Yes, there is a ghostwriter walking around on the campus with a smile today.

After all, the administer above has committed an academic cheating and academic fraud—even if the administer never had any outstanding credentials to make contributions for Gallaudet in articulating and facilitating academic dishonesty that is particularly allowing at Gallaudet University. The administer makes a bad example of a leadership role in higher education that enhances economic competitiveness and does not strength the community of higher learning and teaching.

Is that appropriate for Gallaudet mission? What does the administer say about its sense of responsibility, specifically to its education and what does that say about this eventual value of its university degree? Academic fraud is not decisive; what is decisive is fooling Gallaudet out of their money. The administer never worked hard to pay for its schooling and the administer bent the rules and compromised its integrity or its ethical and moral standards.


Copyright © Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.


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