The Biggest Cochlear Implant Scam Ever


Cochlear Implant (CI) companies are parking profits every river in America with hundred of billion dollars. See how the CI companies rip us off. Let’s begin with Gallaudet University, the world’s only institute of higher education for the Deaf, is commonly referred to as “the ivory tower”, the place where scholars and students stow themselves away to wrestle with EPHPHATHA-theme. Does it make “the real Deaf world”, the place where Deaf people concern themselves in exclusive ASL that is of practical importance? Have you ever wondered in mind whether Gallaudet University reflects the way in which our Deaf society normally operates? What then is the structure and culture of Deaf society as a whole?

89 days after Dr. William Stokoe, Jr, the father of American Sign Language (ASL) died, the cochlear implant center was built with proud establishment there in 2000. Once it was built with the CI center, Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AGBDHH) had cheered for advancing hearing science and empower AGBDHH a bigger firm, they knew a way to renounce its Deaf people for their own pleasure: Hearing again. Even one of the cochlear implant companies to fix Deaf children into “hearing revolution”—no kidding! Hearing revolution! They actually said that. Want proof? Click the second link below in the references.

Making off billion of dollars, the CI companies make a sweet deal where they fall into the cavalcade of corporate fraud. Today, September 10th, 2014—CI companies continues to meet their most important goal, a 100% control of the Deaf children, which has been managed by hearing revolutionists. You know, when CI companies make a lot of Ben Franklins per hour, I wonder what is the cost for the U.S. Treasury.

After reading a link sent by a friend last night called “Why Not Baby Signs?” published by Cochlear Implant Online written by Elizabeth, boy, was I pissed. The reference will be provided at the end of the blog. She wrote:

A marketing frenzy created by companies that care way more about their bottom line than your child’s development or any kind of real research, making wildly unsubstantiated claims that baby signs will do everything from increase your child’s IQ to solve world hunger (okay, maybe not that last one).  When we really examine the sources, are baby signs all they’re cracked up to be?  Here is what I discuss with parents

Ouch! That was really callow to write something like this. The world hunger of Deaf children has every right to seek equal and fair education. In Paddy Ladd’s book, Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood, made a starling discovery that 80% of Deaf children do not have proper education. I am aware that the percentage of Deaf children who are not given a formal education is staggering. When I was in high school, I remembered an ASL teacher there was focusing on half of his lesson plan on Deaf culture specifically and Deaf education and mainstreaming were part of it. I was not aware, however, that the number of 80%, but I am also not surprised. CI companies have been striking deals to become technically foreign in all corners of Deaf people.

Does Cochlear Implant Online website realize that they created a language bias targeting Deaf children in a hunger-environment? Yes, when Deaf children grow into adults, they suffer hunger, too. Did they realize that Deaf adults would have extremely had hard time feeding their own families’ in despite of higher unemployment statistics among Deaf people today? There is no heart for that kind of language at all. What is more is that Elizabeth made an executive order that “your baby is not building the crucial linguistic connections in the brain for a full language system.” Excuse me, I got to say, what the fuck? The research shows that no child, Deaf and hearing alike, have normal speech till after age 7 years old. I suggest you to find a linguist, good or bad, in your phone book, once you see the first person who is the linguist on the page, make a phone call right away and ask them if children under age 7 years old have intelligible speech.

seehearspeaknodeafNancy Rourke’s See, Hear, Speak No Deaf.

Elizabeth wrote that “Educational” is not a federally regulated label. Anyone can advertise their products as being “educational” without the slightest hint of research behind them.  At the end of the day, no matter how cute the story is behind the product, or how hard they try to sell you on the idea that this is a “family” production or “by moms, for moms,” these companies care about their bottom line, not your child.  That’s just how capitalism works.

I myself do not really like the word education, which is a noun form for “to educate”, meaning, “to train someone for what?”—It is a teacher-centered, not a student-centered. If an audiologist or a teacher of the Oralism-system thinks a Deaf pupil is better off speaking, then this pupil is really struck. The word of education means “leading out” because there is no wonder that today’s Deaf education, the children is taught to act hearing. I believe rather firmly that teachers are facilitators of knowledge “to shape someone’s wit”—learning baby signs or ASL is a student-centered learning and teaching (peer-teaching) are the best tool for the Deaf as we often teach each other.

Not only that Elizabeth wrote that …”not building the crucial linguistic connections in the brain…” is very much symbolism of language deprivation and language bigotry. This is unnecessary and biased information to share about this attacking Deaf children not to have the rights to learn ASL. Responses are slowly coming in for the survey targeted towards the Deaf audience. I must say that I am not surprised. Within the bias writing from Elizabeth and its Cochlear Implant Online website do not have rights of belittling Deaf babies’ signs along with no extra legal protection. There is an image of Deaf people that is not portrayed by negative stereotypes out there.

Is there a generational divide in the way that Deaf people perceive oppression in the Deaf community? Well, screw ‘em for all I care—time to create a verb word by the letter of realign which means to (change one’s position or attitude with regard to a person, organization, or cause) their politics of hearing revolution. Until this day comes, we will be living with the hearing revolution that has paid for. Do you want to be struck with the bills for the rest of your life?



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