Carl Schroeder’s Scattering Ashes Ceremony

photo 7Tomorrow, July 16th, 2014—The ship will leave the inner harbor of Scheveningen, near The Hague in Holland where Carl Nicholas Schroeder was born. There will be an American and Dutch flags being half-mast towards North Sea.

There will be scattering the ashes of Carl’s before, during and after the sea funeral. It is a Dutch tradition where you can say farewell by strewing flowers or giving a speech yourself. After the ceremony, the ship will sail around the place where Carl’s ashes is scattered. The skipper will give three signals with the ship shorn as a sign of farewell.

Then the flags will be hoisted to the ship top of the mast and the ship sails back again to the inner harbor of Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

The sea funeral will be taken at 4 PM (Holland time)—10 AM Eastern time in America.

Photos will be posted soon.

Carl_darkest_med.The artwork was completed by the name of Joey Artino, a Deaf fellow-


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