Apology to Radical Students at Gallaudet

ImageIn his preface to Jim Carnes’ book, Us and Them: A History of Intolerance in America, Justice Harry A. Blackmun questions: “Why are we so willing not to accept others who are not precisely like us?” After I posted my blog, Gallaudet Needs Radical Students, I got criticized as one of white men “with grey hair and beard.” I was like “oh no!”  It was never my intention to ignore the American creed: Diversity yields strength. I do not even intend to ignore the American testament from wording of our Constitution and its Amendments.

I agreed that the title of my blog, Gallaudet Needs Radical Students, is inappropriate, because this blog is about protesting a play that is dedicated to Alexander Graham Bell, the enemy of the Deaf and American Sign Language (ASL). I apologize for such a poor selection of the title that might have offended some people who have fought an uphill battle at Gallaudet University in the past.

Today Gallaudet University is still like an ever-flowing river that, as Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher said: “No one can step in the same river twice.”  In this fall, there appears a new body of students, both undergraduates and graduates, having come to Gallaudet University seeking higher education, which, I think, is very radical.

Too often, Audism is taught as an abstract construct with emphasis on knowledge of oppression and discrimination, but with little focus on how to really change that which must first be changed: ourselves. Truth itself can be a revolutionary topic in a society steeped into propaganda. So what else can we discuss before the night owl comes to get us Deaf people?

The Alexander Graham Bell Society is deteriorating Deaf people down the drain and it has nothing to do with right and left really, but the powerful media skewing the myths for profit and not facts. We need to shine a light on the mistakes that ave been made in our society. Not only that, but the society that I envision is one that maximizes freedom and liberties without exceptions including Deaf people. Where is the concept of forgiveness towards Deaf people is what complete the loop of full justice?  People who are avid viewer of Alexander Graham Bell, America’s most wanted, they only believe in story and do not recognize the fill-in the blanks type of justice for Deaf people.

Let me now ask why would we want promptly to place restrictions on higher learning and teaching at Gallaudet? Is there actually no place to learn to change at Gallaudet?  Are we new meaning-makers at Gallaudet?  Or are we better off with the status quo, a Latin term for the existing state of affairs, that oppresses us, our language, our culture at Gallaudet?

Help me understand so that Gallaudet University can serve the world. Gallaudet University is about the Deaf. Thank you.


Copyright © 2013 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.

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