My New Deafhood Journey: Gallaudet University


When I first visited Gallaudet in 2010, it was one of my life’s highlights on my journey. After reading many Deaf books and watching educational vLOGS has become significant as it highlights the process of shaping my individual identity as the state of being Deaf.

Gallaudet is about to carry on my next journey of the Deafhood which will carry the depths of subjugation. I hope to see my individual restraint, self-improvement, and model citizenship to expand. Gallaudet will be the allegory of my Deaf experience, first as the state of being Deaf, and finally the citizen of the Deaf world. I hope to see some tone of my personal initial rebellions, then one of authorities suggesting that our Deaf community need to return to its very type of institution as it is originally revolutionized in order to survive as a Deaf world.

Yes, there are Audists out there if anybody who is deliberately and deceptively destroying us Deaf people by omitting American Sign Language (ASL) and his or her desire to contain, through language, disruptive powers that would threaten a restoration of social and political order. I shall continue my Deafhood journey to which I have grown accustomed in many ways. The process of Deafhood journey has reinforced my ownership of my life as well as relegated myself back into the sphere of society. I will make an attempt to protest at those people who try to destroy me and make me behave like hearing people.

Renaming in my journey can also be seen as a necessary part of strategy of hearing colonialism. Justification of hearing colonialism demanded a suspicious vantage point of Deaf people as heathen and immoral, and imparting this consciousness into the minds of enslaved. I hope to see more strength in my cultural roots. In essence, renaming ultimately functioned to reject our Deaf culture is wrong. Our initial resistance by hearing colonialism is paramount testament to the level of forced assimilation as byproduct of hearing colonialism.

Gallaudet has many stories of colonialism against Deaf people around the world. Now I am about restoring political and social order. We need to understand that the ASL is the key in social order so controlling that the language could restore calm in tides. The Milan Resolution has since overthrown Deaf institutions and now needs to concern itself in the matter of forming their own. Finally, Gallaudet is about comprehensive system of relationships, values, symbolism and order which must be assimilated in order to become an individual and self-expressive, and the Deaf colonies need to restore comprehensive system in order to become a sovereign and develop a new social and political order. Individual and national autonomy is the effect of language. I am excited to begin my Gallaudet journey.


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