Victory at Standing Rock!


Standing Rock! Standing Rock! Standing Rock! With movement in America along with social media, if would not be victorious if it was not for them and I am very proud to be part of movement! Last Sunday, I attended a rally/march as an environmental, human rights, and social justice activist in solidarity with the Standing Rock in Washington, D.C.; This is really big deal for everybody–this is the first time in history, Native Americans did something extraordinary like this. The whole world is watching!

Within my Cherokee heritage, I am very happy for them. They constitute knowledge and independence. If Native Americans has no believability, then they would not able to use knowledge or independence. The light, life, language, culture, and such like, coming from the world through our eyes! The movement by Native Americans exist to guide us in their life journey.

The best action and never to allow white oppressors that the Native Americans should be mocked or oppressed. Now, if there are sociological truths, the same truth about oppression will show with our eyes. Despite the doubts of the occasional oppression through language contact skeptic, we do almost all of us think almost all the time that that we must overcome oppression by white privileges. Victory, Standing Rock! Thank you, President Obama, thank you, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, thank you, everybody for doing the right thing! Congratulations!

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