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October 3rd, 2017: Town Hall About Dwight Benedict



Is Dwight Benedict Best Qualified for the Position?


Le Toudjida Allara, a Deaf People of Color (POC) shares his concerns about Albert Dwight Benedict:

This is unbelievable to hear the unhealthy news stating that Gallaudet Administrators have decided to automatically promote Dwight Benedict as the new and historic Vice President of Student Affairs and Community Engagement of our beloved Alma Mater–see the officially announced vlog presented by President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano here: without going through the national search process. This has been surprised us so big time.

As a POC, international alumni and former long student of Gallaudet University, I have sincerely so tired to hear, see, learn and receive that Gallaudet Administrators have not taken their serious action to change their institutional system for the good health of our whole community and eliminate the uncomfortable/unwelcome environment for FSSA (Faculty, Staff, Students & Alumna) because Gallaudet has:

1- Made us to increase our loss of trust toward its administration team

2- Continued to make POC members of Gallaudet Community feeling down with its decision to appoint Mr. Albert Dwight Benedict as the VP of Students Affairs & Community Engagement without going through job application process, national search process and various interviews process with the community AND even he does not have a good record of leadership toward international and POC FSSA during his recently long tenure as Dean of Student Affairs

3- Proven us that certain “Deaf” White Privilege (DWP) members as part of the Gallaudet’s dominant coalition do whatever they want unprofessionally and unethically in order to show us that we POC folks are like a garbage or worthless people to them

4- Disrespected its mission and vision statements that have a true intention to produce Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students to be great and professional because it has failed to provide fair, respect and chance to qualified deaf professionals to apply for the VP position through the national search

5- Clearly shown us that it is not for us, belong to us and through us

6- Encouraged the division and destruction of relationships within its internal environment

7- Continued to promote favorism, nepotism, racism and misleadership in its institutional politics and system

I can say more of what I have known about Gallaudet but the school has indeed a lot lot lot to work on fixing its hugely institutional issues since the 2006 Protest. If Gallaudet University especially its top-leaders, GUAA – Gallaudet University Alumni Association and Board of Trustees seriously care about us as valuable Alumni and other important members of the community, I would like to challenge them to seriously consider to reopen and re-advertise the VP position (then Mr. Benedict has to understand that he has to go through the application process with respect of other potential candidates and prove us why he is the right candidate for the VP position) and going through its formal national search process. Also, I hope they will take this matter so soberly for the GREATER GOOD OF GALLAUDET COMMUNITY. Sigh… What a sad and unacceptable news!

The Reflection of a Giant Mirror at Gallaudet University



Imagine the giant mirror at Gallaudet University

We all ask why there is no event celebrating 200 years of ASL and the birth of Deaf Education at Gallaudet University. The only thing coming out of Gallaudet is the video message by President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano.

Gallaudet University would not exist without Laurent Clerc and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s brilliant ideas. First and foremost, Deaf people must never be ignorant in any way whatsoever. The present administration at Gallaudet University is still spinning around.

Who is in the charge of money there? His name is Paul Kelly, vice president for administration and finance. A pure Audist at heart. He also is in charge of Bobbi’s money, too. He was very successful in dodging responsibilities in not only oppressing Deaf people, but also avoiding ASL in the accreditation question.

This is not the first time. We all need to be aware of Administration & Operations Manual what is called “4.41 Dispute Resolution Procedures”—where the students even faculty members could have make any difference to grieve the unreasonable action by Kelly in the spirit of academic and ASL freedom. Why are they afraid of what?

In few weeks, graduation is coming up—the school for 2017-2018 academic year will not start until last week of August. If there is no celebration before the end of this year including September, the month of Deaf awareness or in this matter, homecoming events then we all need to challenge Kelly’s ignorance of Deaf people and ASL and culture. Renewing and celebrating ASL at Gallaudet University even as the language of instruction in the Administration and Operations and why it is important for the world of the Deaf to have every constitutional rights to celebrate ASL and to break the domino effects of Audism.

Again, why is Paul Kelly in the charge of a “new order” and would dare to suspend anyone who participates in a rally that celebrates 200 years of ASL? Dirty politics at Gallaudet University will always present. Paul Kelly needs to go. We do not need a pure Audist in the administration. Too long. New blood is coming up soon.


Can you believe Paul has been at Gallaudet University for more than 35 years? Amazing! Don’t forget what Paul did to Carl Schroeder, too. 🙂


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Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Deaf Education in America

At The Rim: Here Comes the Rimshot


This post is to honor the author of At The Rim for your leisure. You know, being colonized and deny the journey of your own Deafhood, the same term before your eyes, is your last hiccup that recognizes your weakness to embrace Deaf identity.

Dude, the 1988 greatest story, has forever radicalized the original root of Deaf culture. Why do you think Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet wanted to create college for whom? Did the same Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet have a vision for hearing people? That was not his vision.

My fellow radicals who were supposed to pass on the torch of experience and insights to a new generation just were not there.”-Saul Alinksy

Tick tock. You need to work on your attitude more often. There is a word that might remind you would want to learn “self-hate” and that is where it begins. It does not mean it hates hearing. Do you hate Deaf? There was no such thing as “hearing hate” as you claimed. It is the bed of personal growth. Look at us, Deaf to Deaf!

As the author of this post, I do not hate hearing either. I come from hearing family. It is how hearing system work, it starts with the community accountability. Imagine this, what if there was none of stories about it in 1988 that never existed? What would it looks like today? Come on, history is for reason, born for America values in Deaf Education, and hold the key strong! Forget all the flat liners.

All the DPN activists had the same cause to protest as all of them have the constitutional rights, First Amendment, “or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” All of DPN had not committed any criminal incidents as you claimed. The only picture I once saw in a book about DPN itself where the bus tires were slashed, it is only misdemeanor.

Please take a look at other universities, pardon me, hearing universities, there were plenty of riots and done real criminal damage, it is huge difference what DPN was all about. Stop living in hearing mind.

It was only a temporary. Look at Jackson Police Open Fire on Protestors from website, “killing 2 students and leaving 12 injured. Many more sustained minor injuries from broken glass in the incident, wherein 30 seconds of gunfire and 140 shotgun rounds left every window along one city street shattered.” It was 1970. Mississippi.

As I checked last time, there were no injuries in 1988. DC lights flocked overnight in good faith.

No more than half hour drive depending on traffic, you would see University of Maryland in College Park, in 2010, 28 arrests, as for DPN, zero arrests, no? Unless I am mistaken. Two years later, University of Kentucky had won a basketball game against archrival, University of Louisville; there were a lot of riots and fires. None of them are like Gallaudet. There was no such thing as riot as you claimed.

The final note: DPN was a peaceful rally. Riot and rally are much different.

You are still living in the past. Accept the fact that Deaf people won. It is simple. You are correct that it is 2017 because the last time I checked, the president is still Deaf. Sorry to ruin your day but your hearing superiors don’t work well in here.

Dude. I am telling you that today Gallaudet University, President Bobbi Cordano has changed the leadership and make it more like Deaf-centered as possible, it is not full-ride centered yet, but it is going in the right direction.

Would people also think it is time to have Gallaudet University, Deaf-centered, Deaf-controlled and Deaf-oriented one day in the future? It may be possible. [I support that idea, myself.] I am sorry that you are being colonized and hope you will realize that you would need to heal your pain.

Let your extremism go. Being Deaf mind is the center of your heart. The heart is very precious and they control your destiny. Do not wait too long. The Deaf Mind I possess is not extremism. It is progressivePlease visit this page in 2013, Mirror, Who is the Fairest?

American values are the most beautiful and complex tools of all time, at the same time, you need to realize by insulting American values on an American soil, it is nothing greater than Gallaudet University. You know, “Make Gallaudet Great” in ’88. The same principles we recognize the mystic flying birds, today is 2017 and the beauty of Gallaudet’s spirits are evolving.

The making of DPN made the wave of social movements, from civil rights to the rights of “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Deaf students had every right to petition the Government for all grievances. It does not mean they are rioters again as you claimed. Remember, it is not too late to begin your Deafhood journey that you will always grateful for in the long run.

That’s the beauty of life! Self-hate by being Deaf is not going to work anywhere. My blog is all about tough love. Also, my blog is not to be kicked around. When I visited Seattle to attend Paddy Ladd’s presentation at University of Washington in 2012, it was a method to see the love to embrace state of being Deaf and that is where you need to see the rim shot.


At your last hiccup.


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Gallaudet University: Bilingual Mission Task Force


It is important to have bilingualism at Gallaudet University today. We all know that American Sign Language (ASL) is our most natural form by the meaning through personal of all experiences. No question about that. ASL shows us the greatest skills of our civilization, along with literature in meaning significance.

At the same time, it is very important to emphasize that bilingualism has created all of us in this nation—same concept, as we are the nation of immigrants.

We need to change the attitude by adding “written” English—not “spoken” English as President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano has informed the audience and live streaming for State of the University presentation to discuss Gallaudet Priorities Update to focus on a framework for bilingualism–but there is huge concern about bimodality [sign and speak with mouth] that has been added to Gallaudet’s priorities.

ASL-Written English bilingualism fosters empathy, trust, and mutual understanding. I wonder if the task force for Bilingual Mission hand-picked by President Cordano would aspire to affirm between ASL and English and depend the sense of awe and grace that accompanies an awareness of ASL-English bilingualism.

For example, there is someone who is on the task force team is a huge supporter of bimodality philosophy–which could bring big concerns on that issue.

Will Bilingual Mission Task Force create pathways better education to walk toward ASL-‘written’ English bilingualism? Do they teach the need to heal from the traumas of living in less than a just, sacred and sustainable world that Oralism is above ASL? How can they fix the concerns to resist the further destruction of the ASL-‘spoken’ English hegemony?

“Written” English is important to our intellectual and academic life. The task force needs to remove “spoken” English or bimodality philosophy off the table and expose that written English would bring many lifelong learning process that is the essence of our literacy–in other words, bimodality is all about academic hypocritism.

Gallaudet University would become the university that uses exclusive ASL for intellectual discourses–building relationship in this university to the world. Remember, the greatest gift what George Veditz in the 1913 film, The Preservation of Sign Language, promised our world including Gallaudet University.


I know for a fact that Veditz would challenge the Bilingual Mission Task Force to remove ‘bimodality’ or ‘spoken’ English–will they make any difference this time? The change to stop language oppression and hegemony has been recognized and we do not need to deal with that.

In 1864, National Deaf Mute College was never about bimodality–it was about educating students in exclusive sign language. Keep that way.


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“Citizenship” at Gallaudet University


After watching ‘State of the University Address’ by Gallaudet University President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano yesterday [January 31, 2017], there are couple of issues that I would like to share my thoughts and I decided to write about “citizenship” this time. The aspect of complexity—moving our intellectual freedom out of oppressive Gallaudet University. Do we understand public relations and media, dealing with Trump administration? Especially at Gallaudet University….

What we know that we have our own identity and citizenship that is generated by social norms. Citizenship is a human condition that makes our life human, our language human, and our leisure human. Personally and professionally, students are much interested in addressing information, language, and communication than in promoting a current “full access and open communication” that needs to be seen.

What students need that the administration including the president that would realize that students are the change-makers and would change and represent a new, important form of democratic expression. The administration dominated by Gallaudet University has been known for its denial to avoid the truth.

Citizenship can empower Gallaudet University. Stories are still alive as metaphors in our lives. It can provide us with a vivid illustration of reasons why citizenship is important. At the same time, I was talking with a friend about that last night because we both watched Bobbi’s presentation and asked me what I thought of it and agreed that whether Gallaudet University lacks moral values and nothing is written in “citizenship” as of today.

Sharing some concerns whether the number of students does not understand their own sense of ownership or rights neither as an American nor in this matter, international students and returned citizens in their basic human rights to hold the highest land of citizenship.

President Cordano has declared all of Gallaudet alumni, alumnus, students, all the people on the campus, have the Gallaudet University Manual of Operations updated its definition about “Citizenship” yet?

This three-inch-thick document that is available from Vice President Paul Kelly’s office that should spell out a well-planned effort to protect all the students in “citizenship” market, and establish rapport in order to promote higher learning and support all the citizenship of Gallaudet.

Do SBG and GSA have a copy of the Gallaudet University Manual of Operations? If we want to protect our citizenship at all costs or show the Gallaudet community, knowledge is very important and regain our strength and remember your objective in this citizenship rights carefully, in line with your judgment, and study your human rights—constitutional rights and student rights.

Gallaudet University should upgrade its academic freedom that would guarantee all Gallaudet “citizens” as in citizenship including Deaf returned citizens, a beacon of higher education—it is a good time to demand change.

After all, Gallaudet University community is growing quickly into a wide-ranging of renewal of supporting “citizenship”—the administration needs to make students the best “change-makers”—if they would ever deal with the truth.

A proud Gallaudet citizen and alumnus.



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Gallaudet University: How Can We Convince Trump Administration?

Gallaudet University: Stop Bankrolling Alexander Graham Bell’s Hate

GallaudetU takes bag of money from AGB1.jpg

Art Work Done by Joseph N. Artino

Dear Gallaudet University,

The world’s only university for the Deaf in Washington, D.C.; known as Gallaudet University need to back away from sponsorship of Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf—their campaign is a huge failure as it further isolates Deaf people and American Sign Language (ASL)—with a hard choice: inclusion and support AGBell’s hate and its association that normalize toxic, bigoted, and hateful rhetoric. Deaf people deserve to have an honorable life;

We the activists in Deaf community need to pressure Gallaudet University to disassociate with AGBell’s hate. It is irresponsible and dangerous for AGBell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to promote hate by dehumanizing ASL:

-AGBell’s characterization of ASL and Deaf people;
-AGBell’s rhetoric encouraging his supporters to target Deaf people with horizontal and vertical violence;
-AGBell’’s consistent character assassination to end ASL access for Deaf people;
-AGBell’s threat is a serious hate problem;

AGBell folks would create and appropriate such researches and deceptions that with “spoken English”–speech training, Deaf people can succeed in ways of hearing people. By doing this, they promote indirect and implicit human abuses among Deaf people. It is so individualistic and isolating. Although AGBell folks entertained the world with their marvels and deceptions, they have always remained dangerous to the society.

In a letter from Gallaudet President Cordano, Dispels the Myths of Language Acquisition, “Offering a deaf child both ASL and English, spoken and written, is the greatest gift anyone can give to that child, to the child’s family, and to our world.”

‘Spoken English’ is AGBell’s greatest crime and gift: Oralism. It is better to change it to written counterpart English.  Not Spoken English.

Our goal is children who are bilingual in ASL and English. Thus, proficiency in English is one of our primary objectives. We contend simply that both the learning of English and access to the curriculum may be speeded and enhanced by establishing ASL as the first language.”-Robert E. Johnson, Scott K. Liddell and Carol J. Erting, Unlocking the Curriculum: Principles for Achieving Access in Deaf Education 

Key word: Proficiency: a high degree of competence or skill; expertise.

Gallaudet University needs to stand up for language bigotry-free and back away from AGBell’s hate, so the Deaf students do not need to deal with AGBell’s toxic philosophy. There were hundreds of thousands of AGBell survivors—and expect Gallaudet University to do the right thing. Will Gallaudet University cut off funding with Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf? Can you help increase the pressure today?

Thank you for standing up to AGBell’s hate, bigotry and xenophobia;


Johnson, Robert E. Liddell, Scott K. and Erting, Carol J. Unlocking the Curriculum: Principles for Achieving Access in Deaf Education


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Gallaudet University is The Hammer and HOEZ is a Nail


“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” (Abraham Harold Maslow, Psychology of Science: A Reconnaissance 15-16: 1966.)

This post need to visit the perpetual tension between Gallaudet University and Deaf community and its impact on movement building toward social justice. There has been a lot of talk about H-O-E-Z, a “frat” that is not coined as a Greek organization through legality, they had made the frat an “underground” a competition who to fuck the most on girls and boys. Like a documentary film called The Hunting Ground released in 2015, exposing to tackle the disturbing epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses and school officials’ efforts to cover up the crimes. Gallaudet University is number one in college rapes, the officials who has been the face of familiarity for the last 25 years.

From a private e-mail with strong Gallaudet roots,

“Many people here at Gallaudet were wholly unsatisfied with the University’s PR response to that report. The PR director from that time is now gone from Gallaudet shortly after President Bobbi Cordano arrived. Whether her departure is related to this particular issue is not something I’m aware of, but it’s something that, along with other changes in how Gallaudet, as a community, is responding to issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, sexual assault, and biases based on religion as well as Audism and language bigotry have sparked a sense that we are perhaps seeing the end of the ‘old guard’ and turning a corner on many of these issues.”

“Men, This is For You” written in Buff and Blue:

There is a world of difference about silence, a requirement to raise our awareness. Those 20 guys do wrong to others and have a great sense of guilt and empathy for those survivors. I am sure that applies to other people as well.

There is nothing to be gained by rehashing this serious issue. It has been years and years. Alumnus and Alumni should not to pay more money to Gallaudet University to properly administer a change at Gallaudet. There has been plenty of widespread violation of survivors’ pursuit of happiness and running red lights on Florida Ave, but there also has no interest in getting those guys to face serious violation. Gallaudet University is a federally-funded that has strong ties through Congressional Apportionment. Gallaudet University could not afford the truth;

First and foremost, survivors are our community accountability that includes many different tools for its usage. Communication is one of the community accountability, and requires at least two parties to determine its effectiveness. However, a dominant administration official trends to surpass. It seems absolutely odd to me that silence should be the dominant at Gallaudet, considering the student population but it takes a small group of faculty (Faculty Senate, for example) that gets silence under the control, the language oppression should be broken.

Faculty senate could all put 100% effort of their salaries and education and yet, we would still not have a perfectly safe society at Gallaudet. The taxation and representation in DC, you see those DC license plates that says “Taxation and Representation”—are negligibly beneficial. We could all get the exactly same minor benefits that we get from them by doing what all should be doing anyway—if we are concerned about forgetting about what really happened. H-O-E-Z is an adjunct idiotic idea that the guys have enabled and promoted, are counterproductive, immoral, un-American, thieving and often illegal. They cannot be punished of a dysfunctional personality if they refuse to take full responsibility for the damage they have done to their survivors, to admit that what they have done is legally and morally wrong and unacceptable.


The big question, are the guys are also survivors in this picture? The democratic values of equality and self-healing societies do things: We focus on healing all parties of community accountability. Survivors become good law-abiding next door neighbors. When survivors see a familiar face, their bodies break down in pieces hurting. All the survivors mirror each other, they speak only for themselves, not their fellow survivors.

Is it about politics that is part of a process by making collective decisions in Gallaudet community through the application of influence and power? Who makes, enforces, and implement political decision to promote the success of students prior to and and at GU? If Gallaudet University administration can violate the legal rights of survivors, they can violate the rights of anybody and besides, for the administration to use legal tricks to avoid the spirit of Gallaudet University, then what does that say about administration we elect to office today?

Second link: An ASL vlogger makes a video, “Hoez” that can be found in link:

The survivors have the options of contacting Title IX director, Ms. Sharrell McCaskill, with any further information of complaints. They have also the option of reporting to the police and the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Again though, would it give them much coming out of that given the time frame of when the hate crime occurred?

Again, another private e-mail from someone else:

“Sexual violence is, of course, a systemic as well as individual issue. That American society is now talking about Culture of Rape is a sign that we are making some progress in examining how this system works in a multitude of ways to perpetuate the devaluation of victims of criminal acts of sexual violence and particularly those to identify as women. Yet that progress is horrifically slow and incomplete at this point in our societal shift. Gallaudet’s response to exposing, discussing, and addressing this systemic change is an actual shift of both attitudes and generational attrition as ‘those of yesteryear’ retire and their ability to control the discourse on this an other issues fades. However, Gallaudet is also guilty of the same systemic issues of institutional inertia and self-preservation that plague all of American society and prevent rapid progress toward necessary changes.

Similarly, it’s horrifying to confront that those who benefited from the silence and silencing of victims in a time when awareness of a culture of rape was non-existent are still in positions of power and influence.  Again, Gallaudet is not unique in this situation.”

I hope President Cornado would take swift action against 20 guys and the people in the administration who dodges the responsibility for more than 25 years by using the tool of a hammer and treat everything as a nail. Is that not enough? Just like Silent Screams was written in 1994 published by PEOPLE. The teeth and hands says it all.


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