The Whitewashing of Calvin Young’s Blackface

My First Inauguration Experience


“Tomorrow, the tantrum-throwing monstrous man-child will become President of the United States. God Bless America.”–Robert Reich, one of my favorite political activists.

Anytime a person voices an opinion that challenges one of the haters, Donald Trump; Trump would immediately pull the ideological label out of his bag. There are plenty of immaturity who makes a role on the Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, socialist and so on.


Seeing Trump’s role in the highest office in the land of America, just like I realized that the tantrum-throwing monstrous man-child skipping class spraying a graffiti we all know he will said in there. I will not watch the 58th inauguration.

I had the honor to continue my community activism and service to be part of the 57th Presidential Inauguration under Obama on a working team as a solutions person to deal with people if they have problems with tickets, for example, lost tickets. It was an interesting experience for me. I was thankful to have ASL interpreter on my watch.

I voted for Obama in Oregon, and did my civil duty for Obama was one of my proudest accomplishments I’ve done.



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Obamacare: Should Cochlear Implant Be Part of Package?

185655_347370528703742_738915819_nDavid Call’s Plague Doctor

What a day in our great country! In Deaf community, it is important to know that the big news yesterday about The Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare has passed to guard the most important act in American history. Nice try, Republicans! President Obama then makes a thunder-bolting message, “What we’re not going to do is unravel what has now been woven into the fabric of America.”

Is cochlear implant [CI] surgery covered in insurance under Obamacare? I hope not. Since Obamacare is a humankind’s natural condition. I hope Obamacare also understand the serious consequences that cochlear implant does not tell us anything; people with CI tells us thing the world need to know. We need to use scientific strategies to investigate the relationship of CI to education. The picture begins here.

Nature vs. Nurture

Again, Nature—it is humankind’s original or natural condition. Nurture—it is something that nourishes or trains. Now some Deaf people have stopped using cochlear implants—when you ask them why stop wearing them, they would say, “My nature is being Deaf.” Even though they were raised nourishing for years and years. Still nature overcomes nurture.

Now, in America’s healthcare with the new law passed, they shall stop training Deaf children in speech and hearing that are nurture while they are not focused on nature of learning in American Sign Language and sign languages. Every group being fair game to this unsavory person makes this practice acceptable, is it not? The message we are missing is the lack of respect for cultural diversity, especially for the oppressed people who are still rejected to this day by the mainstreamed society and who are not empowered yet. This is the key.

Nature vs. Nurture are difficult to discuss in Deaf community because when nurture is unsuccessful, they become anger or disliked that lead the occurrence of belittlement, bigotry, hegemony, etc. Science, as a way of thinking and investigation, is best defined in the truth that cochlear implant is not enough providing channels and is a failure in the eyes of insurance companies. Again, is the cochlear implant surgery covered in Obamacare’s package? You decide.

Being Deaf is the real science of Obamacare. Get rid of plague doctors.


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