Nyle DiMarco Foundation: Changing the Imagination of Change


“For many of us who feel estranged from mainstream politics, there are rare, ephemeral moments of celebration.”- Arundhati Roy 

If you read some of the blogs and v-logs lately in Deaf community about hate crimes, hate speech, and hate group—AGBell. It is clear that they represent a new, important form of democratic expression. They mark a fundamental shift in power away from public relations dominated by AGBell to AGBell survivors which now empowers the Deaf community. For example, the blogs and v-logs reach places that AGBell as well as its yellow journalism cannot touch today.

AGBell survivors are still alive as metaphors in our lives. It provided us with a vivid illustration of reasons why AGBell is doomed. It is not inconceivable that blogging and v-logging in Deaf community will turn out to be just as important as its founders of their own blogging sites initially supposed. It is really a big deal. The word, “hate” is rightfully true what is happening in Deaf community.

The organization known as Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, is now easily a hate group in the making, they are but self-touting, praising themselves as an embracer of American Sign Language (ASL) and its Deaf culture—and a self-conceiting telling how they has now become a spokesperson for Deaf people. There have been many revelations from AGBell about the last 130 years of so-called educational leadership. A great many of damages were done, and Deaf people were hurt.

Many people across the nation had caught up in the idea about Gallaudet University, and that the way Gallaudet University acts is best. With Nyle DiMarco bringing his sidekick, Gallaudet University president, Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano to White House Correspondents Association Dinner last Saturday, April 30th, 2016—it was more than a ripple effect! Within the mainstream media and politics who had been “cyberbullying” Deaf people for years and years where they suffer a form of hate, whether it is based or not. Love conquers over hate.

The world-view which has given direction to Deaf life and I believe that Nyle DiMarco Foundation is changing the direction where it is now. This world-view, especially with the media attacking Deaf community with hatred is now done and gives ASL and Deaf people a sense of belonging of “being at home with ASL” that needs to change the face of Gallaudet University, a sense of fulfillment unknown to academia. After all, the sidekick was a perfect economic opportunity.

Time for action. Any hatred messages spew by AGBell is urgent. We must act, and broad support is needed. We all have the democracy to write letters to Congress. And there is far more to politics than the mainstream of hatred over ASL and Deaf people, more in the margins where hope is most at home.



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