The Daily Moth: Passion and Clarity?


There are many Deaf political activists who withdrew their support for Chris Haulmark WAY before Amy Cohen Efron and Melt Patterson did. It’s not just two of them. The fellowship of Deaf political activists who is not considered as “well-known” which is an insult to their experience. However, being defined “well-known” is brutal. Those Deaf political activists WAY before Amy and Melt cannot be ignored. They were steadfast in their stories. Why use “well-known” terminology for? Elitism? Favoritism? “Less troublemakers”? Stigma?

Not only that, but those Deaf political activists went beyond a humiliating public process as well, too. What does that mean for standards of journalism? Who “speaks” the most with passion and clarity? All right, so the forgotten Deaf political activists was obviously an act? What of their activism, too? If we care about knowing the truth, then can we apply the equality to both sides?



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