Chris Haulmark: Please Get Your Facts Straighten Out


I would like to criticize Chris Haulmark for spreading wrong information about Thomas Gallaudet through social media. He wrote on August 25, 2017: “By founding Gallaudet University, the only university in the world specifically designed for the education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, he opened the door for every single Deaf and Hard of Hearing American.”

It is exactly like Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Red flag. Red flag. Red flag. Ahem. ‘Founding’ was when it was opened the door in 1864. A year later, it was named “National Deaf-Mute College”–it was never an university when it was founded. It was agreed to change it from college to university in 1986. Also, Thomas Gallaudet would never call it “hard of hearing” because it did not exist that time. I believe, it was coined by deficit hearing professionals way, way, way years and years later. I do not agree with the term, ‘hard of hearing.’

Nancy Mitchell Carroll and Ella Mae Lentz wrote an article for California Association of the Deaf newsletter in 2006: “The main reason was that the term “deaf and hard of hearing” has been very contentious in the Deaf community as we have tried to find an appropriate label for ourselves.”

Gallaudet opened the door for Deaf people to receive higher education, not just for Americans, but anywhere from the world. Why did Chris write if it’s the only university in the world? It opens the doors for everyone (Deaf people) in the world. Americans and the world are different. In his words, “he opened the door for every single Deaf and Hard of Hearing American.” Does that mean the world’s Deaf neighbors are banned from entering America?

Also, Chris Haulmark wrote, “Thomas Gallaudet is a revered pioneer for today’s Deaf communities. I am just one of the millions of Deaf and disabled people whom have benefitted from Dr. Gallaudet’s legacy.” Not true.

Laurent Clerc was the ORIGINAL PIONEER for today’s Deaf communities because he was DEAF. It should have given the legacy to Clerc instead of Thomas Gallaudet. Clerc would have been critical of “Hard of Hearing”—please do not twist facts, study and read very carefully. Choose words wisely. Thank you.


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  1. Haulmark also got his facts wrong. Thomas Gallaudet did not “found” Gallaudet University, although the university is indeed named after him. His son, Edward Miner Gallaudet, was hired as the first superintendent of Columbia School (later named Gallaudet College). Source:

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