In the Name of Silence: Is Writing Not Allowed?


Are Deaf returned citizens allowed to write stories without the list of hate targeting them? Not a ponderous chance! Try to ask yourself about that. I believe that it is a general inclination of all humankind to perpetually and restlessly use any language for information, knowledge and communication.

Nothing is more symptomatic of the difference between Deaf returned citizens and dealing with the oppression than the acceptance of boastfulness about hate crime as an attribute of success in legal system.

A Deaf-centered writing company would target interventions against Deaf returned citizens is carried by politics and hatred. Seemingly obsessed with the company own “accomplishment”, the owner would say like this:

“…but honestly—would only weaken your credibility even further….”

Even in the writing world where Deaf returned citizens would fight for an intellectual life, conspicuous exchange, conspicuous display, and conspicuous destruction of language and culture are constructed strategies for oppressing Deaf returned citizens by the writing company is not acceptable.

It is important that the writing center must remember that it is each person’s right to know what being a Deaf returned citizen entails. We also need to know that where it comes from as well as the struggles and attitudes, which it describes. If the writing center do not know, with confidence, their part in the whole and their place in history, they can become frustrated by what they have to do.

There is a saying that enlightenment is when your car goes off the road and you manage to come to a stop without hitting any trees. If anyone being as Deaf returned citizen is considered as a deviation from the path that they intended to take in the world of oppression through hearing world, they would consider the skidding and slipping of the car on their journey.

Also, there really is not sentimentality that can be attached to a car suddenly losing its way and they do not attempt to do this with their lives. Is Deafhood the strongest tree in the Deaf community and understand the transformative power whatever the cost are?

Oh, Deaf vs Deaf…the “Deaf-centered” writing company may require your critically needed mind not to give Deaf returned citizens a second chance and breathe harder. Where is the freedom of writing for Deaf returned citizens?



Copyright @ 2017 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.



One thought on “In the Name of Silence: Is Writing Not Allowed?

  1. Everyone has it’s own flaws with respect. People need to stop looking up to people who has titles or degrees with no clue or experience.

    Returned Citizens are the ones who we can learn from.

    “A perfect person rarely make a history.”



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