It’s OK to Make Mistake in Spelling


Since the day the Deaf guy made a mistake by spelling “DAEF” instead of “DEAF”—it’s OK; people are bound to make mistakes. I even make mistakes, too. I can remember during my grade school days, I was forced to spell perfect, scoring 100 percent every week—but it does not mean I’m a perfect speller in my adult life, either. Why I write this blog because I got few e-mails telling me that it’s funny, so I decided to write my opinion.

Spelling is considered the toughest human task, in my opinion; it can be difficult for everyone. Again, remember, English language is also the toughest language to decipher and write even some of the brightest English Literature writers have hard time spelling, too.

There are good examples that Deaf people make smallest mistakes in spelling. So what! I’ve seen some of worst, worst hearing spellers–in fact, Deaf spellers are better than hearing spellers today. No, I’m not kidding.

We are all no better than each other. It is no accidental bookshop.



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