Long QT Syndrome in Deaf Families: Myth or True?


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  1. That is so interesting! You didn’t come from a deaf family, did you? How did you end up with that syndrome?? Can you explain what QT stand for?

    Thanks for sharing this information with us all. Please get well soon! Hugs 🤓

    1. No, I did not come from Deaf family. A Deaf professor who comes from Deaf family who watched me perform for Deafhood Monologues asked me if I came from Deaf family. No, not at all. Not even close! I am not sure what QT stands for. I’ll ask the doctor myself–still in hospital.

      1. Peggy Virnig Mnich

        Please do let me know. I’m really curious 😀how are you feeling?

      2. I’ll let you know. I’m OK, thanks for asking!

  2. Interesting to know.

    I never knew that!



    1. Yeah, me either! Now someone thinks I might possibly have Long QT Syndrome. Well, the best bet is to take blood test and find out.

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