Growing Up Deaf: Two Choices

...And the Truth Shall Set You Free.


First, I would like to remind that American history represents a paradox of freedom. Freedom and equality are two deeply related ideas in the national ethos. For instance, equality of opportunity, and freedom for the pursuit of individual happiness, are embedded in the American consciousness.

However strong the association seems to be, freedom and equality are two distinct concepts. Freedom generically describes a right of all Americans. In a growing citizenship of the Brave New World, however, freedom does not provide an equal opportunity to groups, for example, Deaf people and privileged people. Freedom is for superior hearing people with historical lineages and titles, liberty, safeguarded life, and the pursuit of happiness. The playing field for political opportunity presents a free but unequal opportunity for minority groups and other thinkers. Deaf people are forever outlined into a minority group or another people.

A Deaf person in this Brave New World…

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